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All cases dismissed

Cases against Department of Family and Children Services employees were heard in magistrate court April 3 by Lamar County Magistrate Judge William Thomas. He dismissed charges filed by Pike County resident Randall Moss against guardian ad litem Charles O’Neill Jr., former DFCS employee Michelle Madewell, Liz Fordham, Joan Oxley and DFCS director LaResa Price. Madewell also filed for a criminal warrant against Moss for harassment and false allegations but those charges were dismissed by Thomas as well. Motions were filed for all the cases which requested that Moss’ charges – which included obstruction, mental anguish, deprivation of character, perjury, malice, neglect, dereliction of duty and malfeasance – be dismissed. The judge ruled in favor of dismissal after hearing that the charges are not criminal offenses, with the exception of perjury which requires a law enforcement investigation which was not obtained prior to the hearing. ”All of this arose out of a DFCS deprivation case having to do with his [Moss’] granddaughter,” said defense attorney Johnnie Caldwell Jr. “This case has been exhausted by the juvenile court of this county and numerous orders as well as a final adjudication have been issued. Everything you’ve heard has be heard previously over the past year and a half and has resulted in order after order being issued. It looks like what Mr. Moss is trying to do is come after these people because he lost his case in court and your Honor, that’s not right.” Cases heard against Sue Coffin, Deanna Neil and former DFCS employee Jeannie Griggers were also dismissed by judge Thomas.

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