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Animal control workshop set for May 14

Commissioners recently set a date for an animal control workshop after several months of discussions about it. Pike County will host the workshop Tuesday, May 14, from 6 to 8 p.m. to discuss animal control options and resources in the county. ’This forum will give citizens an opportunity to voice their concerns and contribute to the solution of a prominent problem in the county,’ said Jayne Midura of Coco’s Cupboard. ‘It will also give the commissioners a chance to hear from the people regarding what animal control officer David Allen says is one of the top three problems in Pike. We have to let them know animal control is important to us as citizens.’ Coco’s Cupboard and Companion Animal Rescue and Education, two nonprofit organizations that rescue abandoned animals in the county, recently offered a poll for citizens to fill out to determine their feelings about animal control. The online poll was anonymous. Out of 125 polled, around 90% answered yes to all five questions. The poll questions were: Do you think Pike County needs animal control ordinances? Do you believe having animal control will affect your household in a positive way? Do you think Pike County needs an animal shelter? If you knew it would cost an extra $50 per household per year, would you be in favor of an animal shelter? Do you support the elected officials spending time on the animal control issue? Off the polls, 53 added a comment about the needs for animal control. Most were in support of animal control and gave examples of how feral and stray pets are a problem at citizens’ homes across the county. Several comments indicated the need for an animal control ordinance. Many noted that stray dogs cause fear for their family on their own property. Others indicated the need to take action sooner than later. The May 14 workshop will include commissioners, local animal rescue volunteers, a representative from the Georgia Department of Agriculture and citizens. ’This workshop is important because any task this big and involved needs planning and commitment. All sides need to voice their opinion and we need to make sure we are all on the same page,’ said Suzanne Aaron of Coco’s Cupboard. ‘Citizens need to be involved because this is for their safety and the betterment of their county and it’s their tax money that will run the shelter if it’s built.’

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