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Another case of rabies confirmed

A 5-year-old child in the Hollonville area was bitten by a rabid raccoon Aug. 8 after a dog chased the animal into the family’s house. The attack happened in the early evening and the raccoon was killed but not before it bit the child eight times. Animal control officer David Allen sent the raccoon’s head to be tested and the animal was confirmed as rabid today. The child will undergo a series of post-exposure vaccinations. ”We felt like the public needs to know about this case and to remind people to keep their animals up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations,” said county manager John Hanson. Allen said residents should avoid contact with any wild animals, especially if they are acting strangely or aggressively. Animals that are usually nocturnal, such as raccoons and opossums should be avoided if seen during the day. Residents should call 911 if they see an animal they think could be rabid. A goat was confirmed as rabid in Molena recently and the owner and his family all had to take post-exposure vaccinations. The rest of the 17 goats in the herd are still under observation, but none of the other goats have exhibited any symptoms of rabies.

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