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Another potential VA Clinic site rezoned

During new county manager Bobby Bickley’s official first meeting, commissioners held a public hearing and approved rezoning property owned by Jerry Colwell on Highway 19 across from the schools as a potential location for the Veterans Affairs Clinic. County manager Rob Morton noted that commissioners heard about the rezoning request six months ago and that this was similar to property approved for rezoning at a recent meeting. The county had to wait six months after the first public hearing to decide the matter since the VA Clinic could offer drug treatment options for patients. Planning and development director Brad Vaughan informed commissioners that there were differences from the rezoning request that was presented to them six months prior. He said the rezoning will apply to two different lots and not to the property as a whole. He also noted that the main entrance would be further south on Highway 19 near the business park and access would not be primarily from Old Zebulon Road. ’You are looking at rezoning this site from Agricultural-Residential to Public-Institutional for further development if the VA chooses to use this site,’ said Vaughan. ‘For any site the VA chooses, there will be a traffic study conducted. The GDOT has said there will be a strong chance that Pike County could possibly have a traffic light installed at the intersection of Highway 19 and Old Zebulon Road if this site is selected but that will of course be determined after the traffic study.’ During the public hearing, two spoke in favor of the rezoning and none spoke in opposition. Steve Reeves said they narrowed the property down to two sites that would be suitable for the VA Clinic, saying they would be on either side of the creek that separates the property. ’The main entrance would be next to the business park and a future street could be created out to Old Zebulon Road to handle traffic flow should it be warranted,’ he said. ‘This site would allow for the development of several medical facilities in one area.’ Pike’s Economic Development director asked commissioners to vote in favor of rezoning the property. ’This location if selected by the VA would potentially increase the value of the business park property which is owned by the county and which would be adjoining this property,’ she said. ‘This would be great for the county and would allow plenty of space for future development in the business park.’ Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the rezoning request. At their Nov. 14 meeting, commissioners also voted unanimously to approve rezoning requests for properties on Highway 19 north to be considered as a potential site for the VA Clinic. The two properties would be combined to form one parcel if selected as the site. At their July meeting, members of the Zebulon city council held a public hearing to discuss a rezoning request for 30 acres at the corner of Hughley Road and Highway 19 south as another potential site for the VA Clinic. It was noted at the recent commission meeting that a pre-bid meeting related to VA requests for bids and proposals was held and that the deadline for property proposals was extended to Jan. 17. The county also: ’¢ Commissioners approved a resolution to be submitted to state legislature to allow the county to have a joint board of elections and registrations. ’¢ Heard from several commissioners that roads have become an issue due to recent rains and cold temperatures. They said those concerns have been reported and the county crews will be making repairs as soon as possible to all roads affected. ’¢ Appointed Charles Way, Ken Gran and Patricia Beckham to the Environmental Review Board to fill three-year terms set to expire Dec. 31, 2021. ’¢Â Appointed John Spraggins to the Water and Sewer Authority to fill a five-year term set to expire Dec. 31, 2023. ’¢ Appointed Todd Goolsby and Rodney Hilley to the Two Rivers RC and D Council to fill one-year terms set to expire Dec. 31, 2019. ’¢ Held a public hearing and approved allowing the new owners of the automotive shop on Highway 19 north – adjacent to the former Zebulon race track – to continue operating as an automotive shop and to allow them to sell used cars at the business. They added a a condition to ensure cars for sale will only be parked on the asphalt area and will not exceed 12 cars for sale at any time. ’¢ Held a public hearing and approved the Capital Improvements Element’s annual update pursuant to the Georgia Development Impact Fee Act and the Development Impact Fee Compliance Requirements of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. It was noted that there were no changes to the CIE since it was presented to the board in their last meeting.

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