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Attack shows need for animal control

A local girl walked outside to find 11 of her pets dead Wednesday morning and the two dogs who killed them still in the animals’ pen. Nine chickens, a pregnant nanny goat and a baby goat were killed by the two dogs. The owner said this is just another example of how the county needs animal control. ”It was horrible. I have a 9-year-old daughter and she found them this morning,” she said. “These are not her pets, these are her best friends. If my daughter was out here, they could have taken her down.” Sherri Pennington said her husband was out of town at the time so she called the sheriff’s office. An officer told her she could protect her animals by killing the dogs, but they could not do anything about it. She had to call a friend to get rid of the dogs. Pennington said Pike County needs some type of animal control for incidents like this and so many others. ”I got bit in Pike County by a dog one time while I was riding my bike. I thought I was in Spalding County so I called animal control and they were going to come out and take the dog but they determined I was in Pike County. There was no one here to help. It took a week to find out if the dog had a rabies shot and they suggested I just start treatments. It’s terrible. There’s no one to call.”

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