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Be prepared: Arctic blast on the way

Although three major weather forecasting operations disagree on just how cold it will get, there is no question the coldest weather thus far this winter is about to hit home and hit home hard. Averaging the predictions of the National Weather Service, The Weather Channel and Intellicast, here is what is expected. Thursday: High 42. Low 17 Winds up to 25 mph. Friday: High 36. Low 11. Winds 10-15 mph during the day, dropping to 5 mph at night. Saturday: High 47. Low 28. Sunday: High 51. Low 28. So, take precautions. Pets and plants should be protected. Don’t spill antifreeze around your pets. It can lead to death. Long periods of temperatures below at or below freezing can take their toll on pipes. Let outside faucets drip. If a lot of the pipe is exposed, wrap it in insulation or rags. Let inside faucets drip as well. Those on wells should wrap pipes and install heat lamps in well pump housings. Water should be cut off to structures without heat and pipes and hot water heaters drained. Drain toilet tanks and put antifreeze in toilet bowls and sink traps. Small ponds could freeze over but the ice will be thin. Do not allow children or pets to walk on any frozen body of water. Do not use gasoline generators indoors. Keep other space heaters away from curtains, drapes, shower curtains, etc. Use common sense and rejoice in the fact the folks at the Weather Channel have stopped talking about global warming – at least for the time being. If you have additional tips that work well for you, add them to the comments thread accompanying this post.

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