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Benny Eppinger honored on Meansville Street

The late Benny Eppinger served for 16 years as a city of Zebulon council member and he was recently honored as a section of Meansville Road was declared Benny Eppinger Memorial Street. He was a council member from January 1985 to December 2001 and was instrumental in getting a Head Start program in Zebulon and pushed to have a city park where local kids could play. ’Benny would be so happy. I know he is in heaven looking down with a smile on his face,’ said Bennie’s wife Luella G. Eppinger. ‘There are a lot of things Benny took part in during his time with the city and when he left the council, he was the only one who was a certified council member.’ Mayor Joe Walter led the proceedings as the memorial sign was unveiled. ’This is a great day for the city of Zebulon and this community,’ he said. ‘We are fulfilling a promise made nearly 20 years ago to honor Mr. Benny’s life and legacy.’ Former Zebulon mayor Bobby Blalock said he served on the council with Benny. ’Mr. Benny was a no-nonsense man and he didn’t say anything unless it needed to be said. When he spoke, everyone listened,’ he said. ‘He was a good man.’ City attorney Rob Morton said his father served for nearly 10 years with Benny and that when he smiled, his face glowed. ’This is a great day for the city and for his family. We want to thank him for his service and you for the sacrifices your family made as well. He did a lot of good for our city. This is a permanent, great way of showing people that they are loved and their contributions appreciated.’ Council member Claude Hollis said he appreciates all Benny did during his tenure. ’I knew Benny a long time and he was a great person and a dedicated man,’ he said. ‘He was quiet but he was honorable and we appreciate him.’ Luella thanked the council members and city administrator for dedicating the portion of Meansville Road. ’It is stated that so often these days, people make promises that they don’t keep. This, however, was not the case with our beloved mayor Joe Walter, the city administrator Larry Mitcham and the city council of Zebulon. I’m especially grateful for Mr. Claude Hollis for remembering this promise and bringing it back to the council’s attention,’ she said. ‘I’m also thankful to God for allowing me as well as our daughter, Sharmanet Colbert, grandchildren and other family members to live to witness this momentous occasion.’

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