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Braley death confirmed as suicide

Leeland Mark Braley’s death has been confirmed as a suicide. GBI spokesman John Bankhead said autopsy results finalized last week indicted Braley died of cervical suspension consistent with suicide by hanging. However, reports alleging Braley was murdered continue to turn up. The most recent comes from The Confined Coalition in Fyffe, Ala., which claims to have received direct information from death row inmate David Scott Franks. Franks was disciplined in the days before Braley’s death after contraband items were found in the exercise pen the condemned use. Franks claims the seized contraband included two cell phones, two six-inch metal chisels, one Leatherman tool, four pieces of hacksaw blade, three $20 bills and two plastic bottles purported to be miniature explosive devices. There have been reports Braley was extremely upset about the foiling of an apparent escape attempt in which these items would have been used. He was dead two days later.

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