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Budget may be affected by revenue woes

Pike County has begun its 2009-2010 budget process and cuts are in store. County manager Steve Marro is working on an eight month budget. Earlier this year, the board implemented a new policy which changes the fiscal year so it begins July 1 of each year instead of Nov. 1. The upcoming budget year will begin Nov. 1, 2009 and end June 30, 2010 ‘“ a period of eight months. Beginning July 1, 2010, Pike County will begin a full 12 month cycle budget in line with that of the state. The deadline for budget requests from departments and authorities was March 6. Last year commissioners cut $500,000 from the budget. Further reduction this year could mean job cuts, Marro said. The upcoming budget will have no wage increases and some vacant positions may go unfilled. Currently there is an employee vacancy in maintenance, three in the road department and one in the commissioners’ office. The maintenance supervisory position is being advertised. ’It’s entirely possible we just don’t mow roads this year,’ Marro said. The three unfilled positions in the road department are for mower operators. Revenue collected has been about 3% – $280,000 – less than projected. Marro may propose a 3% cut. He will reach a final decision before he submits the budget to commissioners. ’We either maintain the status quo or step back 20 years,’ Marro told the development authority last week. ‘There are so few services in this county it’s going to be difficult without cutting some services. The development authority decided to reduce its $120,000 eight month budget by 5% – $6000. Board members John Edwards and John Barker asked director Karen Brown to do so. ‘With all the marketing in the world you aren’t going to do a whole lot because a whole lot isn’t happening,’ said Barker.

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