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Child abduction suspect strikes in Milner

According to Chief Mike Bailey of the Milner Police Department, at approximately 7:15 p.m. Friday one of his officers responded to a call of an attempted child abduction on Main Street. A female that is suspected of several other attempted child abductions approached a home in Milner posing as a DFCS worker. She was driving a black Jeep Cherokee without a license plate. The incident occurred at a residence on Main Street in Milner. No children were harmed. Investigators are searching for the woman believed to have been responsible for several child abduction attempts. Anyone with any information is asked to call 770-467-4282. The complainant confirmed that it was the same suspect as the composite sketch. A BOLO was given to all local law enforcement of the new vehicle description and suspect. Below is a social media post from the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 30 regarding the suspect: In the past 72 hours social media has been the source of stories regarding what are being described as 2 attempted child abductions in Spalding County. The first at Orchard Hill Park and the second on Baptist Camp Road. Investigators are actively working these incidents. In the incident at Orchard Hill Park, a female posted on social media that she had witnessed a white female, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, approximately 5’8’, slim build, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The suspect was driving a white mini-van. According to the witness she observed the suspect attempt to abduct a child from the playground. According to the Facebook post, she confronted the female suspect, and the suspect attempted to strike her before running to her vehicle and leaving the scene. According to the post the vehicle had no tag but appeared to be a late 90’s model Ford Aerostar missing the chrome trim from the sliding side door. This incident was not reported to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, but instead was posted on Facebook. It was not until late on the afternoon of August 29, 2018 that the source of the original post was contacted. She stated that she did not call when the incident occurred because the suspect had left. She is cooperating fully and has been interviewed by Spalding County Investigators and has agreed to give a description of the female to a sketch artist. It will be published by us when completed. The description of the suspect in this incident closely matches the description of the suspect from the Runaway Lakes incident that occurred several weeks ago. The second incident on Baptist Camp Road, a child was in his yard when a white male described as being heavy set and in his 50′-60’s, pulled a white box style van with a ladder rack described as a painter’s van in a driveway. An 11 and a 12-year-old were playing in the yard. The male called to them to come talk to him. The 12-year-old went to the house and got his mother. The mother came out and talked to the man who said he was wanting to put a sign in her yard advertising a dove shoot. A verbal altercation ensued, and the man allegedly said, ‘I’m coming back for you and your kids bitch.’ The male entered his van and backed away before turning and leaving. No tag number could be obtained. This does not appear to be an attempted child abduction but may instead be tied to a series of thefts that have occurred in that area. Currently there is no indication that these incidents are related however they are being taken seriously and are being investigated. Please keep in mind that if an incident occurs, or you see an incident occurring, call 911. We will get the call and get to the scene faster than we will if you post it on social media. Call as soon as you can, be a good witness, stay on the line, and continue to give the Dispatcher information and follow the person as you talk. If you must protect yourself, a child, or another person, do so, and do so with all your might. If a confrontation can be avoided and your goal can still be accomplished, handle it that way. If a person is committing a crime they may be armed, and you may come out on the bad end of the confrontation. If that happens you aren’t doing the victim or yourself any good. If you have any information regarding these incidents contact Sgt. Ray Hightower at 770-467-4282 ext. 5402. We will give updated information as it becomes available. Please share this information.

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