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Commission chairman results: Johnson upsets Mangham

Realtime results from this race follow. If you are not a subscriber, you may gain access by clicking the line of red type just above the Freshway ad on the homepage that reads, “First Time Users Sign Up HERE!” If you subscribe to the print edition, you can enter using data from the mailing label on your printed paper. Others can sign up using a credit card. Challenger Briar Johnson won every precinct en route to an easy win over incumbent commission chairman Doug Mangham. Many questioned whether the events surrounding the manslaughter conviction of Mangham’s daughter, Teresa Bourasas, and his perceived role in it contributed to his resounding loss. Precinct 1, Concord: Briar Johnson 185 Doug Mangham 96 Precinct 2, Hollonville: Briar Johnson 227 Doug Mangham 102 Precinct 3, Meansville: Briar Johnson 167 Doug Mangham 137 Precinct 4, Molena: Briar Johnson 182 Doug Mangham 116 Precinct 5, Second District: Briar Johnson 259 Doug Mangham 219 Precinct 6, Lifsey Springs: Briar Johnson 147 Doug Mangham 128 Precinct 7, Williamson: Briar Johnson 183 Doug Mangham 90 Precinct 8, Zebulon: Briar Johnson 215 Doug Mangham 126 Precinct 9, Advance: Briar Johnson 597 Doug Mangham 305 Absentee: Briar Johnson 91 Doug Mangham 58 Total: Briar Johnson 2253 Doug Mangham 1331

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