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Concord cited by EPD

By Dwain W. Penn Concord city council opened its first meeting of 2012 on Jan. 10 with another notice of a code violation from the Environmental Protection Department. This one involves earthen dams on both oxidation ponds. *************** ©The Pike County Journal Reporter/ This information may not be reprinted, broadcast or distributed electronically in any form or fashion without express consent. For reprint permission, e-mail *************** During a recent EPD inspection, roots were discovered growing in the dams which will eventually cause them to fail. Concord was told to fix the problem immediately and a new inspection, as late as June, will determine if the work is done. Councilman John Strickland suggested the roots be treated chemically. ’When the roots are gone, you have a hole,’ said councilman Richard Wall. Strickland agreed, adding the roots may be holding the dam together. During the same inspection, EPD found 25% of the south pond fence has been damaged, mostly by fallen trees. According to Mayor Jim Roberts, the fence will be an easy repair. He promised to look into the situation personally. Meanwhile, Concord is contracting with the Georgia Rural Water Authority to remove sludge from the south pond by an April 1 deadline. COUNCIL ALSO: ’¢ Witnessed the swearing in of councilwoman Melissa Turgeon. ’¢ Filled positions in committees of various city operations. Jimmy Gilbert and Turgeon will serve on water and sewer; Wall and Strickland were assigned the street committee; and Kimberly Griffin and Strickland will work on ways and means. ’¢ Approved purchase of a new copier for city hall from M&H Systems in Griffin. The old copier will be advertised for sale through sealed bids. ’¢ Discussed acquiring the services of a municipal law attorney by retainer and have that individual attend monthly council meetings. A Griffin attorney will be invited to the next meeting to give insight into this procedure. Concord will keep the services of Jack Park until further notice. ’¢ Agreed to investigate how Concord can best serve as a partner with the local Boys and Girls Club. Pike County is actively involved with the organization. ’¢ Approved the serving of beer and wine at an Aug. 11 Strickland Store wedding reception. ’¢ Called a closed session to discuss personnel, reconvening to eliminate the superintendent position and create two new positions in the water department.

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