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Congressman visits PCHS students

U.S. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland visited Pike County High School AP Government students last week after being invited by one of his staff members – former PCHS graduate Amber Porter. He spoke to the students about how bills become laws, pending legislation, the roles of committees in lawmaking, the different roles of the minority and majority parties and the importance of education. ’I was what you could call a rebellious student and I couldn’t figure out why I needed to know the stuff the teachers were trying to teach me. I wanted to be a builder – and that was my career for many years – but when I was being taught to write business letters, I thought why do I need to know this? Now, I write about 600 business letters a week,’ said Westmoreland. ‘You never know what lessons you’re going to need from your education – so get the most out of it.’ Amber Porter graduated from PCHS in 2011. After graduating from Georgia Southern University in 2014, she now works as a staff assistant in the Congressman’s office in Washington, D.C. She serves as a tour coordinator, flag coordinator and intern coordinator. Amber Porter took Economics, AP Economics and AP Government classes with PCHS teacher Mark Jones and credits him for helping her set her career goals. ’I think Mr. Jones helped me decide what I wanted to do with my life,’ she said. ‘I fell in love with government in his AP Government class.’ Westmoreland has served as a Congressman since 2005 and had an impact on Jones during his campaign for Lt. Gov. ’I remember you taking the time to encourage me during my campaign,’ said Jones after the presentation. ‘And I remember you sent me a note after I lost my campaign.’ Westmoreland says he still sends out letters of encouragement to those who take the initiative to run for office. Students from Jones’ class had the opportunity to ask questions of their Congressman Tuesday, March 31 after hearing him speak for nearly an hour. Several students stayed behind to thank him and take photos with him. ’I think it’s a great opportunity for these students to get to meet their Congressman and I’m thankful our Congressman was willing to take the time to come visit them,’ said Jones.

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