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County accepts $1 million in CDBG funding

Commissioners officially accepted the $1 million Community Development Block Grant for housing and infrastructure improvements in the Hilltop area and thanked from Carol Southard, CDBG award consultant. She said out of 51 CDBG awards, only two of them were for $1 million. The total amount for projects in Hilltop will be $1,274,956 with the county contributing $264,956 of which $90,000 will be cash and $168,000 will be for concrete and paving. Southard said seven vacant or dilapidated structures will be removed from the area at a cost of $22,500 for demolition. She said the people who own the properties will retain their rights to the land. She said $324,075 will go toward the reconstruction of private properties. Two housing units will be rehabilitated in the horseshoe section and will be where the project will start. She said five houses will be reconstructed, which includes rebuilding new homes or placing manufactured homes. If the home is stick built, it will be replaced with a stick built home and manufactured homes will be replaced with manufactured homes. CDBG funds will pay $70,000 for administration with the county paying $16,000, including $1,000 for audits during the life of the program. The CDBG funding will pay $107,648 for street improvements with $12,000 for engineering and the county providing an additional $20,258 for engineering for street improvements. CDBG funds will pay $327,529 toward flood and drainage upgrades with the county providing $36,191 towards actual construction of drainage improvements. The county agreed to pay NPDES permitting fees for storm water monitoring at a cost of $8,551. The county will also pay $10,000 for engineering for drainage improvements. The projects are expected to take around two years to complete depending on weather and contract factors. Hofstadter was approved as engineer, Carol Southard was approved as consultant and Joe Parks was approved as community liaison for Hilltop. Commissioners also held a public hearing and approved a special exception allowing construction of a new 350-foot communications tower at 126 Nixon Road in Concord. The tower will be 1,300 feet from the nearest residence and will be at the southeastern section of the 28.42 acre plot of land. The county’s tallest tower is 400 feet tall and is on Hagans Mountain. David Woods and John Morrison spoke in opposition and Clay Brogdon, Craig Ogletree, Britain Turner, Patricia Beckham and Willie Burden spoke in favor of the special exception. The county also: ’¢ Approved $100,000 from impact fees, $150,000 from C.A.I.P. funds and $20,000 from committed funds for the construction of the Concord Fire Station and $5,000 from SPLOTS funds for the driveway apron. ’¢ Appointed Britain Turner to fill an unexpired five year term on the Pike County Water and Sewer Authority Board, set to expire Dec. 31, 2020. ’¢ Heard from Pike County EMA director Jim Totten that Pike was re-certified by the National Weather Service for the Storm Ready Program. The program encourages the community to take a proactive approach and to have clear cut guidelines on how to improve hazardous weather operations. ’¢ Approved executing the Agreement and Resolution for the Governing Expenditures for State and Local Government Costs related to the Hazardous Waste Trust Fund Agreement for reimbursement. It was noted that the county has already received a check for $28,884 for expenditures that occurred as a result of maintaining and post closure mitigation of the landfill. ’¢ Held a a public hearing and approved the final 2018 CIE update. ’¢ Approved quarterly budget amendment for revenues.

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