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County employees honored

Pike County commissioners recognized several employees who have dedicated years ‘“ and sometimes decades ‘“ to working in Pike. ’It’s my pleasure to begin a program on behalf of commissioners for honoring employees,’ said county manager John Hanson. ‘We have quite a few employees who have met some great milestones. We’ll recognize those who have anniversary dates in January. Each month going forward, we’ll recognize employees for milestones when they reach five, 10, 15 or longer years of service.’ Each employee honored was presented with a plaque and service pin for their years working for Pike County. Probate judge Lynn Brandenburg was recognized for his 18 years of service to Pike and the 15-year milestone. ’Judge Brandenburg is one of the finest people I’ve had the opportunity to associate with,’ said county attorney Tom Morton. ‘He has one characteristic that’s outstanding and many judges need to learn from him. That’s his ability to listen to people.’ Tax commissioner Donna Chapman was recognized for 18 years of service and the 15-year milestone. ’I’ve known Donna a long time and she runs a great department,’ said Hanson. ‘Anytime you go over there, you see smiles. They’re always busy but they’re welcoming and do a great job. I appreciate what Donna does for us and for Pike.’ Sheriff Jimmy Thomas was recognized for serving Pike 14 years and the 10-year milestone. Commissioner Tommy Powers told Thomas he is proud of the service he has given and the job he has done looking after citizens. ’Jimmy Thomas has served 14 years as sheriff and has done a fabulous job on a day-to-day basis,’ said Hanson. ‘When he has an issue he communicates very well and he means a lot to the entire county.’ Several others spoke about the care Thomas has for others and things he has done for them outside of what is required under his job duties. Commissioner James Jenkins said he’s a great leader who brings his employees together and works to save Pike money. ’This is one of the milestones in my career but I want everyone to know that my employees are the backbone of the community and part of what makes Pike County as great as we are,’ said Thomas. Coroner Terrell Moody was recognized for 14 years of service and the 10-year milestone. ’Terrell does a great job for Pike and has always stayed within budget,’ said Hanson. Commissioner Tim Daniel said he works with Terrell and he is cognizant of the budget and finding ways to save Pike money. ’I love this community,’ said Moody. ‘It’s my home and I’m proud to be a part of this community.’ Powers was recognized for his 10 years of service. ’We’re proud of the job you do,’ said Hanson. ‘He comes by the office every morning checking on things and is always looking after the folks in his district and the folks of this county.’ Scottie Brooks was recognized for seven years of service and the five-year milestone. Hanson said he works to save money and gave an example of him shopping around for bush hog blades and saving $200 several times last year. ’When Scottie started out Pike public works didn’t even have a toolbox,’ said public works director Todd Goolsby. ‘He started in January 2008. The department had a piece of equipment that was torn apart when I started and had been sitting there for a year or two before that. There were boxes full of parts and the machine was in thousands of pieces. We said he would never get it going and he did in three days. We’re lucky to have this man working for Pike.’

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