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Courthouse to close Monday

The Pike County courthouse closing has been rescheduled for Monday, March 26 because the power will be shut off during an essential part of the construction process. According to project manager and county manager Bill Sawyer, electricity will be off while a transformer providing power to the building is moved. The courthouse closure was postponed due to rain showers forecast for Friday. ’The courthouse will be closed while the transformer is moved Friday, March 23,’ he said. ‘Crews will be working all weekend to get the power back on.’ Sawyer said nine-inch tile flooring made with asbestos was discovered during the demolition process. He said there are two ways for Pike to resolve the issue, hiring a professional to abate the material or using federally approved methods to seal and prevent the asbestos from being disturbed. ’We chose to encapsulate the tile flooring using federally approved methods by covering with sealant and plastic and then placing plywood and carpet over that,’ he said. Sawyer said the contractor and architect agreed this is the best course of action rather than disturbing the asbestos. Temporary walls have been constructed to seal the entire top floor of the courthouse while construction continues. A fence was built around the back of the courthouse to prevent injuries while work on the addition continues.

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