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CSM Barry Smallwood’s message to his troops

Command Sergeant Major Barry Smallwood of Pike County forwarded these remarks he published in the newsletter which is distributed to his 148th Brigade Support Battalion. The battalion has a large contingent of servicemen from Pike, Lamar and surrounding counties. WISHMASTERS!!!! Happy 4th of July! This day should be more significant, this time around, than most Independence Days you have ever experienced. To be in a combat zone, foreign country and away from everything you are accustomed to’¦places a little different precedent on this day. This morning as we were in our prayer breakfast there were representatives from Romania and France. France the country who provided ships so that we could defeat the English on land while they bombarded the coast from the sea; provided military advisors to the Continental Army and also presented the Lady in the Bay (Statue of Liberty). They sat and fully understood the meaning of the ceremony. Also in attendance were the Romanians. They appeared a little apprehensive and fully did not understand the meaning. However gracious’¦they stood and sang with God Bless America. It was a wonderful morning. SOLDIERS, You all have trained for 18 months to get here. We are finally on ground and making strides to take over the mission as soon as the 33rd IBCT heads back home. We need to ensure that we pat the 33rd on the back and let them know their work here and accomplishments were all great. The camp you see now was not in the same manner when they took it. They did a great job handling all of the different issues as they took over the mission. I am proud of what you all have accomplished thus far. The major muscle moves from Georgia-Louisiana-Indiana-Afghanistan. You have displayed a positive professional attitude toward every task that was thrown at you. It is my pleasure to work for you and be with you on this tour. In the years to come whenever you look at the Battalion guidon, you will see the Afghanistan Battle Streamer, and know that you put it there’¦ being a member of the 148th BSB on this mission. That will be your fingerprint on the unit and a legacy to pass on. Keep up the great work and efforts you have been giving. I look forward to riding along on convoy, seeing you in the maintenance area or pulling your shift in the TMC. You all are doing great things here! To the families, I am sure you are getting emails and phone calls on the cramped living conditions of the camp at the moment. With the large influx of troops to the camp and a month before the 33rd IBCT leaves, we will be a little up close and personal with our fellow Soldiers. I ask you as I do the Soldiers’¦please be patient and professional during this time. We are going to make the move from cramped quarters to the normal living units as soon as the 33rd departs. I ask for your patience and understanding as your loved one calls home and complains about the living conditions. Please know that we are working to get this rectified as soon as we can. On a positive note’¦they all know where the chow hall is located and seem to be enjoying the heck out of it. We also have the military version of Starbucks coffee shop, it is Green bean Coffee shop. Not too bad but not Starbucks. We are all thankful for the prayers that are being sent up on behalf of the Soldiers and unit. Thank you all. And remember’¦tick’¦tock’¦goes the clock’¦ every second, minute hour and day is just that much closer to seeing you all. V/r, CSM Barry Smallwood WISHMASTER 7

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