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DEAR SANTA: Letters reveal top toys, trends of the season

For yet another year, children in Pike County asked Santa for popular toys with Barbie and RC cars leading the requests. There were many requests for gaming systems and VR headsets as well as sports equipment – mainly baseball and softball – as well as hunting gear.

Odin of Mandy Reeves’ kindergarten asked for, “a lego set, cleats, Nike shoes and to go hunt with Paw.”
There were many requests for ATVs and four wheelers and Russell Elliott of Dana Sage’s fourth grade wrote, “My name is Russell. I am nine years old. I want a skateboard. Can I get a Tony Hawk game? I want more sweat pants and I really want a tractor, make it real too, so I can make a track.”

Several children asked for toys for their siblings and family, including Annabella in Mrs. Woodall’s Pre-K who wrote, “For Christmas, I would like a hard book because I want to share with my sister and read together.”

Aubrey Neath wrote, “I want a few things, not for me but for a few other people. I know that it’s a little weird to ask that, but I am. I would like to give all the poor people money so that they all have homes.”
Avery Owens also asked Santa to give gifts at shelter homes and to help homeless people and kids in need.

Blakely Houston of Savannah Tatham’s first grade class wrote, “I wish I could come see you. The only thing I want for Christmas is for my family to be happy.”

Charlee Key asked for Mimi to get better and for Gigi and Marlies to heal.

Austyn Clower of Meghan Lee’s fifth grade class wrote, “This year for Christmas I would like for everybody to be kind to one another and get to know Jesus.”

There were only a couple requests for snow, way fewer than previous years, including from Charli Drew in Katie Gossett’s third grade class who wrote, “For this Christmas, could you make it snow on Christmas day? My little brother, Finn, has never seen snow, I’m the only one that has seen it. Thank you.”

There were many letters from students that mentioned the Elf on the Shelf, including Kamrynn Bryan of Nan Sands’ second grade class who wrote, “My elf, Snowflake got into my mom’s ingredients! Please, don’t be mad at her” and second grader Sadie Deason who wrote, “The elf was drinking syrup again. She has been wasting toilet paper.” Second grader Lawson Brooks wrote, “You are not going to believe what my elf did! He put toilet paper on the Christmas tree and took the ornaments off the tree!”
Mackenzie Fletcher of Gabby Thurston’s second grade class who wrote, “My elf, Bash has been naughty, but please don’t be mad at him. I think it’s funny!”

Raegan Fulghum of Katie Gossett’s third grade class wrote, “Can I please keep my elf pets? I love them so much. I will take care of them.”

Second grader Bridgett Conwell wrote, “Can you give me a different elf? Mine isn’t doing his job.”

There were many questions about Santa and the North Pole, including from Carmen Ramirez who asked, “What is your favorite Christmas song and how old are you? How is Rudolph doing?”

Bryson Baker of Rachel Jenkins’ second grade class wrote, “Santa, you’re cool and I like your beard and your hat and your belt and your shoes.”

There were many children who said they were good – or not – followed by their requests. Fourth grader Abigail Shriver wrote, “I am nine years old. Am I on the nice list? Write back to answer.”

First grader Tanner Hardy wrote, “I wish to go to the North Pole and have a snowball fight to prove you’re real” and first grader Jude Wheeless wrote, “Thank you for my elf! Will you please bring me and my brother a PS5? I still believe in your magic!”

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