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Demolition Derby ready!

The Demolition Derby at the Spalding County Fair will feature vehicles built by (l-r) Josh Rickerson, Caleb Rickerson and Rick Rickerson in Rick’s Meansville garage. The drivers have both pledged to give any winnings to the Pike County Animal Shelter.

Pike resident Rick Rickerson has spent extra time in his garage with his son and grandson over the past month as they prepared for the Demolition Derby at the Spalding County Fair set for Tuesday, Sept. 28 with a rain date of Thursday, Sept. 30. 

“I’m 60 years old and this will be my first demolition derby. A lot of people have asked me why I’d spend all this time and money on these cars and then tear them up in 20 minutes. My answer is, if you could see the wonderful hours I’ve spent in my shop with my son and grandson working on these cars, you will understand exactly why,” said Rick. “We are going to have these cars all torn up and crumbled up.”

Rick and his son Josh and grandson Caleb have been working most evenings on the cars and Rick will drive #60 Mellow Yellow with Josh in #14 Orange Crush. Caleb won’t be able to ride but he did a lot of work with his dad and grandfather. 

“I basically painted the yellow car. My favorite part was busting out the windows.” 

Caleb broke all the glass, broke off the mirrors, took the trim off as well as the lights, headlights and taillights. 

Both Rick and Josh have agreed to donate the $1,000 in winnings to the Pike County Animal Shelter if they prevail in the demolition derby. 

“We are animal lovers and want to help our animal shelter with whatever they need and we have heard they are in need of funding,” said Rick. 

Rick’s wife Carla said the crew already has quite a fan club and may even have t-shirts made. 

“Come out and support us,” she said. “We want all our animal lovers in the county to be on our support team and come cheer them on.” 

The crew chose American made cars so they would not have to move the gas tanks and they have taken the required safety precautions which Rick knows all about with his extensive firefighting career. 

Josh said drivers cannot intentionally hit the driver doors and must make contact at regular intervals to prevent being disqualified. He said there will be a safety meeting before the demolition derby begins. 

When asked if he was worried about the race, he said, “I’m not smart enough to be scared.”

Rick plans to hang two-liters of Mellow Yellow and Orange Crush from the outside of the vehicles so they can be crushed during the derby. 

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and we hope there’s a huge crowd of animal shelter supporters,” said Rick. 

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