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Documentary filmed at Candler Field

Documentary filmmakers were shooting footage at Candler Field Museum in Williamson Jan. 3-4 and will likely visit again soon to film more as they tell the early history of Delta Air Lines. According to museum founder Ron Alexander, the documentary on the early days of Delta will be shown during the opening of a global leadership conference. ’Future filming is definitely in the works. We have a one stop shop for them with the buildings and antique cars and airplanes we have,’ he said. ‘They filmed for two days recently using the old restaurant building, inside Barnstomer’s Workshop, inside the museum building and several outside scenes.’ Shots of a 1930 Stearman Cloudboy flying above Peach State Airport were filmed Jan. 3 before a heavy fog settled in Jan. 4. Several of the museum’s antique vehicles, including a 1909 Sears vehicle, a 1926 Model TT tanker truck, a 1928 Model A pickup truck and a 1933 Chevrolet will be part of the documentary. Some of the vehicles at Candler Field Museum have been donated to the museum, including the 1933 Chevrolet which was restored by Eastern Airlines Capt. B.W. Wilmoth. ’My dad was very interested in general aviation and had his own plane but he was  a car guy too,’ said Wendy Wilmoth. ‘It seems like he always had a project but the Chevy was the only one that was ever finished. The car was bought when I was a small child in the early 1970s. It sure was a rusty mess but Dad restored it and took it to a few car shows. I remember riding around in it in the summertime and how the mohair seats made my legs itch. He donated it in 2007 to Candler Field Museum shortly before he passed away because he wanted it to be cared for, not turned into a hot rod.’ Membership at Candler Field Museum is $35. Membership fees help many of the museum’s programs including the Youth Mentoring Aviation program which teaches young people how to restore planes and allows them to earn flight training hours. Several members have attained many training hours with a few already taking their first solo flights. To join Candler Field Museum, go to ’We’re certainly recruiting members as much as we can,’ said Alexander. ‘It’ll help us support the youth program and other programs.’

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