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Everyone watches women’s sports

I started seeing the Everyone Watches Women’s Sports (EWWS) t-shirts and other merchandise over the past week or so watching the NCAA women’s basketball semifinals and Sunday’s final. I admit, I tuned in to watch Caitlin Clark of Iowa who, late in the season, broke Pete Maravich’s NCAA scoring record. I’ll have more on that in a moment.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of accompanying some of my soccer friends to Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta to watch the US Women’s National Team take on Japan. The EWWS shirts were abundant among the crowd that totaled just under 60,000. About half those were young female soccer players who idolize the US women who won 2-1.

As a bonus, the crowd got to see Brazil and Canada fight to a 1-1 tie in the second match of the She Believes Cup.

So, have women’s sports eclipsed men’s sports in viewership and attention? Due to the eyeballs on college football alone I would say no but the tide is definitely turning.

As for pro basketball, I have never watched a WNBA game but I rarely watch an NBA game either. When it comes to soccer, I would rather watch girl’s and women but I enjoy the men’s matches, too.
Female athletes are getting bigger, better, faster and more athletic. More importantly, female athletes are getting better coaching at younger ages and, it seems to me, they are more likely to stick with their sport or sports through their high school years.

Thus, we have women’s college basketball teams like South Carolina and Iowa which are highly competitive and, more importantly, fun to watch.

Certainly high school girl’s basketball has eclipsed boy’s basketball at the local high schools over the past four years.

The Pike Lady Pirates are 23-63 over that period. That’s not stellar but it looks good compared to the Pirates who are 6-74 with two winless seasons and one season with just one win over that period, according to MaxPreps.

At Lamar County, the Trojans 25-76 over that span while the Lady Trojans are 73-29. The Lamar girls are much more enjoyable to watch than the boys who have not hit the double digit mark in wins in quite some time.

Why the difference? I am not sure and would love to hear your opinion.

My personal preferences are Georgia Bulldogs football first and foremost then soccer, then women’s basketball followed by men’s basketball then baseball.

Back to the Caitlin Clark-Pete Maravich comparison.

Taking nothing away from Clark but Maravich, under the archaic rules of his era, was not eligible to play his freshman season nor was any freshman.

Maravich also played in a time before there was a three-point shot.

Pistol Pete specialized in long-range shooting. Had he had the opportunities to play four seasons and to shoot threes, his scoring mark would be unassailable.

Everyone may not yet watch women’s sports but more and more are watching every day.

Boys, men and their coaches best up their games!

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