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Pike County High School had five international students last school year, including (l-r) Michael Pietezu of Lodz, Poland, Maciej Kierstan of Lodz, Poland, Diego Garrido of Madrid, Spain, Claudia More of Madrid, Spain and Francesco Ippolito of Ferrera, Italy. Local families interested in hosting an international student can contact Miranda Hambrick, at or 256-548-0300.

Families needed to host international students

Five students from across the globe attended Pike County High School last year and local host families are being sought for new students this year. 

Wendy and Ken Moulder hosted a student from Madrid, Spain last year and they said it was an amazing experience. Their daughter Macie, who was also a junior like exchange student Claudia More, got to travel to Spain and Italy to visit the hometowns and families of the exchange students who visited Pike.

“At first, having another teenager my age in the house was an adjustment but we ended up being best friends,” said Macie. “My friend’s family also hosted a student and we became close. We were even able to plan an international trip together in two weeks and we got to see some amazing sites in Venice and did a lot of shopping and eating out in Madrid. It was so much fun!”

Local families interested in hosting an international student can contact Miranda Hambrick, at or 256-548-0300.

“We are now seeking host families who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to these ambitious teenagers. Our exchange students tend to be very active and share many interests, all from sports, music, arts to literature. They are all excited to be studying in Georgia and to be living with an American family. You can host for a full academic year, a semester or just for 4-8 weeks as a ‘welcome family.’ And of course, you can choose the student that will be a great fit for your family. All family dynamics are welcome,” said Miranda. 

Exchange students have their own health insurance and spending money to cover personal expenses and school lunches and fees. They will live as a member of a local family (not as a guest), participate in family activities, respect host family rules and help with chores. A local coordinator will provide strong support to both students and host families.

“To learn more about the benefits of hosting one (or two) of these amazing students, please send us a message, make a post on our Facebook page at ICES Georgia – Youth Exchange Programs or reach out to me at or 256-548-0300,” said Miranda. 

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