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Fire claims family’s home

The home of Faye Harmon, who operates Humbly Serving Ministries in Zebulon, burned Saturday, Jan. 25. The home was a total loss and left Faye, her mother Martha Lewis and her son Dustin Harmon with nothing. The fire was thought to have started near the dryer or in the breaker panel. Community members have created a site,, for anyone who would like to assist the family. ’I had just gotten Dustin dressed in his pajamas after his bath, when he went into Moma’s room. When I turned around, I saw the kitchen engulfed in flames. I immediately started screaming for Moma and Dustin to get out! Once we got out, we ran next door to the neighbors house to call 911,’ wrote Faye on the site. ‘The fire department arrived about 30 minutes later. They jumped into action and got to work fighting the blaze. At this point, half the house was in flames and smoke was just pouring out of it. It seemed like when they would get it under control in the front, it would flare up in the back again.’ According to fire chief Randy Snyder, the build of the home made it difficult to fight the fire. ’We had a hydrant in the yard which was great, but it was a real difficult fire because the house was over 100 years old and the contruction of the home was really poor at hindering the spread of the fire,’ he said. ‘We had a good group and they worked really hard to get the fire out. The family got out safely but we did have one firefighter who was injured. He broke a bone in his leg.’ The site outlines the family’s need for clothing and other donations. All items that cannot be used by the family will be distributed to other families in need through Humbly Serving Ministries. Donations can be taken to the Humbly Serving Ministries office at 7791 Highway 19 South in Zebulon. ’It took a few hours to get it under control. Finally around 1 a.m. or so, the fire department left,’ said Faye. ‘If I had to look at the bright side it would be this, none of my family was hurt and we are alive. Thank God and praise Him. Although I am still a little shaky to think we would have all been asleep 15 minutes later.’

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