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Geiger’s Counter: From a puddle to the penthouse

I was on my way to do some research on the microfilm at the nearby local library on a fine summer day. A rain shower had passed and cleansed the air and the sun was peeking out from behind high white clouds.

As I walked, I heard some splashing in a shallow roadside ditch and investigated. I spotted an emaciated brown dog rolling in the mud of a shallow puddle. I reached for him and he cowered. I knew then he had been abused.

He was wearing an old collar and, with the help of some nice ladies, I got a rope on him and we fed him. He wolfed down the offerings.

We tried to find his owner with social media posts. I had him scanned for a chip but there was none. I was wondering what to do with him and he just stared at me with his big brown eyes and wagged his tail.

The pound was not an option so, when no owner came forward, he became the top dog at The Herald Gazette office. We call him Buddy because that is what he answered to.

Buddy had a severe case of intestinal worms. We had those taken care of and got him neutered. Dr. Mark Korb figured he was six-to-eight months old. We put him on a diet of puppy food and he started to fill out.

Once he realized he was home for good, Buddy became accustomed to humans quickly. It helps that the folks at the office spoil him endlessly. He got through the house-breaking process with only a few accidents.

His personality began to emerge as he became more accustomed to his surroundings. And, what a personality he has!

When customers enter the office, Buddy races to the front counter and puts his front paws up on it to greet them. Visit our drive-thru window and he will be looking at you through the glass.

He has boundless energy and loves to play. He will prance around on his hind legs for food or treats. He is extremely alert and hears cars in the parking lot long before we humans do.

He can also run very fast for a long distance. I have clocked him at 20 mph on a golf cart and he can run 16 mph for 15 minutes or so before he gives out.

As near as we can tell, Buddy is a Black Mouth Cur, a line bred for herding livestock and tracking game. Judging from photos online, he may be purebred or as purebred as it gets with this breed.

I have been around a lot of dogs; retrievers, setters, spaniels. I have owned some super smart dogs but Buddy may be the smartest of all. Sometimes it seems as if he knows the next command before I give it.

A couple of weeks after  Buddy arrived, the family black lab Chanel died. She was a damn good dawg who watched over the Geiger girls for over 13 years.

I know God sent Buddy to us for a reason. We are working hard to be good stewards of His gift.

Buddy dressed up as the UPS man for Halloween and stole the show.

He’s gone from a puddle to the penthouse where he has stolen a bunch of hearts. Come by and meet him if you like. He’ll steal yours, too!

Note: If you have any knowledge of the Black Mouth Cur breed, I would love to communicate with you. E-mail me at

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