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Geiger’s Counter: Thoughts on NFL playoffs

Other than the Super Bowl, I have not watched much NFL football over the past several years.

Colin Kaepernick’s whining and all the subsequent kneeling turned me off big time as it did countless others.

Kaepernick, who wasn’t that good to start with, hasn’t played a lick since, though Nike underwrote him for awhile to keep him out of the soup line. His legacy consists only of the constant messaging on scoreboards, helmets, etc. regarding inclusion and diversity.

The NFL seems pretty diverse to me but some team could make a statement by signing a Houthi rebel for inclusion’s sake I guess.

Even Gene Steratore, a late middle aged white guy from Pennsylvania who started as a review analyst on CBS at the college level, has a booth gig now. Maybe he can move to ESPN and replace Pat McAfee who is unwatchable. I am not sure what demographic he appeals to?

Another thing that cut my viewing time was the continuous failures of the Atlanta Falcons who have never amounted to much. Rankin Smith wasn’t much of an owner and Arthur Blank is no better.
They’ve gotten to two Super Bowls in the last two decades. A perv defensive back got caught soliciting a hooker before the first one, taking the team down before the game even started. They gave up the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history in the next one to the New England Patriots.

Sunday, I watched the Chiefs beat Baltimore 17-10.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are almost as good at football as they are at selling insurance. And, they have Taylor Swift and legions of her Swifties in their camp now.

Former UGA offensive coordinator Todd Monken directed the Ravens’ attack but his quarterback, the mercurial Lamar Jackson, just didn’t get it done. Monken did not have the luxury of having a gamer like Stetson Bennett taking snaps.

Jackson’s play and multiple mistakes cost the Ravens the game.

I watched the Lions build a big lead over the 49ers and then begin to lose it. I’m told the last quarter of that game was excellent but I fell asleep near the end of the third quarter when it was tied 21-21.
So it’s Kansas City and San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

Let the merchandizing begin.

Maybe the game will live up to the hype and I will manage to stay awake to the end.

Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of the Pike County Journal Reporter and The Herald-Gazette in Barnesville. He can be reached at 770-358-NEWS or by email at

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