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Geneva Woods remembered; key to city of Zebulon presented to Tom Morton

By Dwain W. Penn The April 10 meeting of Zebulon council exemplified the full range of emotions from the depths of despair to the height of happiness. The muse of tragedy shadowed the expressions of sorrow over the recent passing of Geneva Woods and the muse of joy raised attitudes of thankfulness for attorney Thomas Morton, Zebulon’s citizen of the year. Geneva Woods was recognized as the second Zebulon Citizen of the Year and a key to the city was presented to her family at her funeral. ’I appreciate the attendance at Geneva Wood’s funeral today,’ said mayor Bobby Blalock. ‘There was a good representation from the city. Pray for councilman David Woods; give him a call or go by and visit. Geneva was David’s heart-strings.’ Last December, Thomas H. Morton was chosen as Zebulon’s first Citizen of the Year. As accolades were bestowed, Blalock announced that a prize came with the honor and was pending for a later date. Phase II of the award had arrived and two items were presented at the April meeting by city administrator Larry Mitcham. The first item was a framed copy of the resolution signed by Blalock and councilmen Thomas, Walter, Woods and Yarbrough as well as other city personnel. Mitcham read the resolution again before presenting it to Morton along with the key to the city. ’This was on the agenda tonight,’ said Morton. ‘Unlike last December when I was caught off guard. Thank you. It has been an esteemed pleasure to be of service to the city.’ The gift of the key to the city of Zebulon prompted Morton to recall another key he received years ago while serving as mayor of Downey, California. Downey, which is only 13 miles southeast of Los Angeles, had a sister city of Guadalajara, Mexico. ’After visiting city leaders at Guadalajara, Mexico, we attended a bull fight. A comment was made that Americans were not brave enough to face a bull. I took the challenge and, surviving three passes of the bull, was given the key to their city.’ City attorney Rob Morton added a footnote to the story, ‘Dad took his suit coat off there in the stadium and faced the bull to uphold U.S. pride.’ COUNCIL ALSO: ’¢ Approved a request to close Hall and Trice Streets on May 5 for the May Day Festival. ’¢ Heard updates from Walter on streetscapes phase III and the OZS project. Six power poles will be moved for sidewalks and bids for phase I stabilization on the school are due June 1. ’¢ Approved the first reading of annexation and rezoning of Christ Chapel property. ’¢ Agreed to hold a workshop 5 p.m., May 8 to determine the maximum number of pets allowed per household in residential areas. This is in response to 15 pit bulls housed in the vicinity of Adkerson Drive and Pope Street. The situation prevents a neighbor from selling her house. ’¢ Discussed topics related to the planned veterans medical facility resulting in the following actions: require property to revert back to original zoning designation after it has been rezoned and require county property to be annexed into the city for access to city sewer. ‘We don’t want to take on something we can’t afford,’ said Blalock in reference to the sewer item.

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