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Girl Scout saves woman’s life

A Girl Scout saved a woman’s life Friday while delivering cookies with her mom and Scout leader. Brenda Fayard was leaving A Novel Experience to check out the new jewelry store across the square. Girl Scout Meghan Bettis ran in front of a car to keep it from hitting her after she fell in the road. ’All I remember is I was standing at the curb about to go across. I remember my face was about to hit the curb and I couldn’t move,’ she said. ‘I heard screaming, ‘Stop, stop,’ and the Girl Scouts who were selling cookies came running.’ Girl Scout leader of Troop 098 Sherry Berryman was distributing cookies with Scout mom Meredith Bettis and her daughter Meghan Bettis. They gave Fayard her cookies and she turned to walk across the square toward Curves. ’She fell in the road head first and she didn’t get back up right away. Meghan screamed and ran to the car that was just about to run her over,’ Berryman said. ‘Because that car was turning left and the way that Brenda was laying on the ground, she would never have seen her. It wasn’t a pretty sight.’

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