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‘Hindsight is 2020’

It’s said that, ‘Hindsight is 2020’ and since the year is now 2020, the Pike County Journal Reporter will look back at some of the incredible historic events from Pike County’s storied past in a special series. The Journal Reporter has been the county’s main source of news since 1888 when it was established. More than 100 years ago, the top news story in Pike on Jan. 17, 1919 was the Spanish influenza which was causing illness for the second round of such sicknesses in Georgia. There were a few cases reported in and round Zebulon and Manchester and LaGrange had more cases reported, although the outbreak there was not as severe as the previous epidemic. Another top story in the Jan. 31, 1919 edition was the banning of Crack a Loo by the Zebulon mayor and council. The popular game of chance gave citizens a chance to win drinks and cigars. The council also banned sales of soft drinks and other luxuries on Sundays. Around 53 years ago in the Jan. 20, 1966 edition, it was reported that Pike County school superintendent Harold Daniel announced plans for a new kindergarten program that would run from January 24 to June 1. Children of economically deprived parents would benefit by receiving free instructions, transportation and noon meals. Almost 30 years ago, the highways passing the courthouse square had been widened and months after the changes were made, drivers were still going the wrong way on the one way streets. The Jan. 30, 1991 edition noted that more signs were installed and crosswalks restored to enhance public safety. Also in 1991, the probation detention center on County Farm Road got its first two detainees. The center was built to accommodate 150 male inmates and its aim was to rehabilitate non-violent criminals and help them overcome reasons for incarceration and return to society. Its mission changed in 2002 to become a Probation Detention Center for females and again in 2008 as a female Pre-Release Center. The facility is now known as the West Central Integrated Treatment Facility for female probation violators who receive mental health and substance abuse treatment. More than 25 years ago, Zebulon City Hall was moved from the courthouse square to the former Pike primary school building after renovations were complete. The old city hall building was converted to a courthouse annex for the county and the story was shared in the Jan. 19, 1994 edition of the paper.

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