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Home field advantage

Jack Pilkenton field, also known as ‘The Jack’ was recently named the 2023 AAA Field of the Year by the Georgia Dugout Club. The Jack boys, also known as the Pike County High School Pirates baseball team, earned state championship titles in 2019 and 2022, due in part to the home field advantage at The Jack.
Pirates head coach Blake Parrott has been coaching since 2016 and he also worked on the field when he was a baseball player himself from 2003-06.

“Baseball coaches are crazy about their fields. It’s like a badge of honor and shows others how important the game is to them,” said coach Parrott. “As far as other sports here at Pike, their coaches maintain their fields as well. Football and soccer do an amazing job with Pike Stadium. The softball field has been groomed by Coach Hanson this past season and everyone can see the amazing improvements that have taken place there. Ryan Hurkmans keeps our playing fields weed free and green. He plays a big role in why our fields look the way they do. As far as The Jack goes, a lot of credit needs to go to coach Hanson. That man has put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears on that field.”

This is the second time that The Jack has won Field of The Year honors. In 2017, it was named Field of The Year as well.

“We get a lot of help from the community with our facility. Local businesses are always willing to help donate material or labor for the projects we do. So, we want to make sure that our facility is one of the best in the state not just for our student-athletes but also for the amazing people in our community,” said coach Parrott. “ The Jack is what every young baseball player in Pike wants to play on when they get older. It’s such a special place with such a rich history and that is because of the people of this community. As far as support for our teams, it’s unreal how much this community supports us. We are so lucky for this community, that is for sure.” 

During the season – and even during the off season – countless hours are spent cutting, edging, weed eating, spraying, changing sprinkler heads and maintaining and repairing the facilities as well.

“It takes a lot of time to maintain it, that is for sure. It is worked on all year long,” said coach Parrott. “I know for me it’s where I go to clear my head and pray. This year fans will see some amazing upgrades at The Jack as we will be getting new bleachers for both the visitors and home sides. Each side will sit close to 300 fans which is a huge difference from years past. We are going to try and make new upgrades each year to make the playing experience and fan experience better. We will just need some help from this amazing community.” 

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