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A third party, independent investigation into the actions of Zebulon Police Department chief Jonathan Hemphill came to a conclusion at the Dec. 13 Zebulon council meeting.

Investigation of ZPD chief ends

Zebulon council members heard the results of an independent, third party investigation at their Dec. 13 meeting. They approved a motion to give Zebulon Police Department chief Jonathan Hemphill an oral reprimand and require him to attend POST training related to anger and de-escalation. They will review his progress in six months.

City attorney Rob Morton reviewed part of the independent investigations findings, stating that the radio frequency change was not a retaliation for being pulled over and that Molena Police chief Matt Polk stated to the investigator that the MPD could still access the Zebulon radio stations if needed.

Morton said the investigator recommended a possible disciplinary action – per city policy – of an oral reprimand based on the evidence that Hemphill’s actions brought discredit to the city and it was his first offense.

Find out more about the investigation in the next edition of the Pike County Journal Reporter.


  1. Tom Jones Tom Jones December 14, 2022

    As expected. The good ole boy system is still alive and well. He was convicted of robbery so what kind of cop did you expect him to make???? No lesson learned here again. And people wonder why cops aren’t respected anymore?? What would the outcome of been if it were you or I and Hemphill pulled us over!!!! He is full of himself and now with this decision his ego has grown ten fold!! Thanks Pike county!!

  2. JOE BRITMAR JOE BRITMAR January 3, 2023


  3. Jeremy B Jeremy B January 3, 2023

    Dude was kind of a jerk in the moment but I think the punishment fits his actions. We all have bad days and he handled the situation poorly. Time to move on from this and hopefully he learns a better way to respond as a person of authority.

  4. Dennis Dennis January 7, 2023

    I viewed the YouTube video of the entire encounter between the Molena deputies and Chief Hemphill, and his conduct during the stop and his act of retaliation after the fact (which compromised the safety of Molena residents) are certainly worthy of more than an “oral reprimand.”
    Is his vehicle still equipped with the illegal window tint, flashing blue lights, and unregistered license plate?

  5. Joe John Joe John January 7, 2023

    Anyone who can get this angry this quickly over nothing more than being pulled over like any other citizen is a liability. Perhaps you need a new city attorney.

  6. TJ TJ January 11, 2023

    congratulations Chief you have made your narcissism well known to the entire country. Be glad your board is kinder than the general public, you should have been tased and arrested for the contempt you showed to the officers. If you feel the need to name drop the first thing you should do is ask yourself is your argument so weak it can’t stand on its own merits.
    You getting tased would have made for better YouTube video…

  7. B B B B January 19, 2023

    It’s very disappointing that this only resulted in an oral reprimand. If he’ll disrespect other officers like that just think what he’s capable of with regular citizens. He’s a disgrace

  8. Big Daddy Big Daddy January 19, 2023

    He should be fired. What a clown. How is this man allowed to be a police chief? Why am I supposed to follow the rules and laws but he isn’t?

  9. John Smith John Smith February 9, 2023

    Should have gotten more than an oral reprimand. he should have been made to apologize to these officers. The bodycam video is clear he didn’t show any badge, no proof to back up his claims of being police chief. So many people running around faking being police with blue lights. Flashing blue lights does not mean for certainty you are in the PD. They were doing their job.

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