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ISIS threat in Griffin addressed by officials

According to officials in Griffin and Spalding County, reports indicating Griffin is being targeted by ISIS are false, however one of the individuals on the ISIS kill list does reside in Spalding County. Press release March 25: The City of Griffin Police Department and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office are aware of the recent alleged threats by ISIS that have been reported in the news. We have been in contact with FBI officials and briefed regarding the list published by ISIS of individual targets. There is no credible information at this time that would indicate that the City of Griffin or Spalding County are direct targets of these alleged threats. As you are aware in the recent national news reports the alleged targets are military service members. According to the FBI, the individuals listed include a local service member who resides in Spalding County, have been notified and briefed regarding the alleged threats. Additionally, all City of Griffin Police Department personnel and Spalding County Sheriff’s Office personnel have been briefed and are aware of the situation. In the event an incident was to occur, as in any case, PD and SO personnel will quickly respond and take all necessary actions to secure the safety of the public, and individuals involved. We will continue to communicate with FBI officials regarding the situation. If anyone sees or suspects any suspicious activity please call 911 immediately.

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