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Jim Roberts resigns via email

By Dwain W. Penn By unanimous vote, Concord council accepted the notice of resignation by mayor Jim Roberts, effective April 14. The vote came during the closing minutes of the regular business meeting after the email from Roberts was read by councilwoman Kimberly Griffin who had received the missive earlier that day. May pro tem John Strickland will contact Roberts to get a signature on the document to legally bind the decision. The meeting opened an hour earlier with a discussion of an idea which, if implemented, could change the landscape of downtown Concord. Local resident Simon Henley spoke on behalf of numerous other citizens asking the city to consider installing restrooms in the park, walking track area. ”Many folks enjoy visiting the pavilion and walking track but they have to go home to use the restroom,” said Henley. “What are the chances of getting a public restroom?” Strickland praised Henley for his suggestion and added that council has set a goal to make further improvements for the park. The idea of restrooms has been previously pondered but the main obstacle is the lack of sewer service in the park. Once that is solved other problems may include vandalism and winterizing the water pipes. Since portable toilets are brought in for the Jubliee, that solution was proposed as a temporary convenience for the public. A study will be done to compare the cost of renting a unit versus buying one with an ongoing service contract. Jubilee funds can be used. Meanwhile, Henley recently visited the city park at Williamson to inspect their restrooms. He was surprised to find the doors to the facilities open and the lights on inside. As he stepped inside the men’s room, he was careful to look for wildlife such as a snake, which would result in a hasty retreat, never to return again. Council also: ’¢Heard thanks from Mike Cox of the Kiwanis club for the city’s partnership and support with the 2015 Tour de Pike. The 2016 event is March 19. ’¢Accepted low bids for two projects: Marty Perkins, $820 for new body on city dump truck and Southern Pride tree service, $2,000 to cut down eight trees along Harris Street. ’¢Heard surplus vehicles are cleaned up and in running condition for imminent posting on the govdeals website. ’¢Approved the repair of the air ducts beneath the Strickland building for $500 by Central Georgia through their service contract with the city.

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