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Join the Great Georgia Pollinator Census Aug. 21-22

The Great Georgia Pollinator Census is a citizen-driven science project that enlists Georgians to record pollinator interactions in 15 minute intervals. ’Are you ready to breath some fresh, although humid, air and make a difference in pollinator history? Join us for the second annual Great Georgia Pollinator Census Aug. 21 and 22,’ said UGA extension agent Brooklyne Wassel. ‘This is an event that is truly perfect for the whole family! Simply choose a plant that has some pollinator activity on one of the census dates. Record all insects that interact or touch the plant within the fifteen minute observation.’ Insects counted during the census are put into categories including: carpenter bee, bumble bee, honey bee, small bee, flies, wasp, butterfly and other. Participants are asked to submit their pollinator counts to the page or turn them into the Pike County Extension office on Monday, Aug. 24 for them to do the data entry. ’The census is a great opportunity to get outside, observe nature, make a difference and watch some incredible pollinators in action,’ said Wassel. ‘If you have any questions about how to participate, please do not hesitate to contact the Pike County Extension office at 770-567-2010.’

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