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Letters to Santa share Christmas wishes, spirit

By Rachel McDaniel Santa got hundreds of letters from good – and not so good – little girls and boys in Pike and they are listed in the special Letters to Santa section on pages 1-8B. The letters reflect the signs of the times as lots of children asked for phones, video games and electronic devices but they also share the magic of childhood and the giving and loving spirit of local children. Many of the students requested gifts for others, including sisters Layla Geis who asked for ‘my friends and family to get what they want for Christmas’ and Scarlett Geis who asked for presents for ‘kids that don’t have a Christmas.’ Emma New wrote, ‘My baby sister has a rare chromosome disorder, so this year for Christmas I would like toys to help her grow and get stronger.’ Kash of Blanche Huddleston’s kindergarten class wrote, ‘Please let all the children of the world have a happy and loving Christmas’ and also asked for a pretty necklace for his mom. Kanye Vinson wrote, ‘I wish for happiness, health, friends, love, a dog, a fantastic day and hand sanitizer and for Mrs. Jones.’ Payton Walden and Willow Henslee both asked that Santa take toys to kids who don’t have any toys. Lots of kids told Santa they were good little boys and girls. Silas Livery was honest about his behavior, writing, ‘I have been good for the most part, this year’ and Ivy asked for toys and two goats, adding, ‘I’ve been good, just ask my daddy.’ Eula-Mae Grace Chambers wrote, ‘I have been trying to be good, but the truth is I haven’t. Even though I may not get toys I would like a KindiKid, a Nintendo Switch, a NaNaNa Surprise and an elephant.’ Lyla Jo Lewis wrote, ‘Thank you for giving me toys for the past seven years. Please give everyone that doesn’t have any toys, give them toys, please ‘¦ I try to be good, but, I’m not the best. You don’t have to give me much but I want a few LOL dolls, an American Girl doll, too, a fuzzy blanket and a Hatchimal.’ Several kids told Santa they hope he is staying safe during the quarantine, including Julianna M. who wrote, ‘I hope Christmas is safe and you aren’t quarantined.’ A.J. Roark wrote, ‘I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing great and do you not catch the Corona when you come by like me and my dad.’ Many asked for a cure, including Rhys Ralston who wrote, ‘Can you give homeless people places to live and food to eat? I also want a cure for COVID-19, so I can go back to school and see my friends.’ Many requests were for safety from the coronavirus pandemic, including Colten Willhite who wrote, ‘I would like two thing for Christmas. I would like a Gizmo stuffed animal and for my family to stay safe from covid.’ Kason asked for Santa to give his family great health and Aqtui Patel who wrote, ‘Please make the virus go away. You are the best and your elf is the best.’ Brooks Kneringer asked for a dirt bike toy and wrote, ‘I hope the pandemic does not slow you down.’ Some children mentioned their love of Jesus and the Christmas season, including Xavier J. Wilson who wrote, ‘I love Christmas cause Jesus was born on Christmas. It was my Granny’s birthday. She’s in heaven. I’m blessed to have my whole family together to share memories and love’ but didn’t ask for any gifts. Coralaine Akins wrote a simple letter, ‘I love Jesus and Barbies.’ Several letters asked for families to be able to get together, including Addy Kate Lenhard who asked that her brother be home for Christmas from the Navy and Braelyn Vickers who asked ‘for all of my family to be together for Christmas!’ Nerf guns and sports equipment as well as hover boards, legos, dolls, princess dresses and bicycles are still some of the most popular gifts requested. Some requests weren’t as easy as others for Santa, including Pera Meza who asked for a flamingo that poops in the toilet and Harper B. who asked for a real chicken for her sister, Willow. Many children thanked Santa for past year’s gifts and encouraged him to keep up the good work, including Jayden Jarvis who only wrote, ‘I’m so proud of you. You have been doing great and Merry Christmas!’ The North Pole and the residents there were the topic of conversation in many letters, including McKenzi from Megan Chisholm’s pre-K class who wrote, ‘I want to ride in your sleigh. I want to go to the North Pole and meet your elves and play games. I would also like to build toys and wrap gifts with you and the elves and Mrs. Claus.’ Ryleigh Hudson wrote, ‘I hope you have a jolly time at the North Pole. I bet it’s a hard job to control the elves at the factory. I hope you get much milk and cookies. Have a jolly, jolly time at the North Pole!’ Sadie Deason said she would leave out M&Ms for Santa and dog food for the reindeer. Cooper from Mrs. Huddleston’s kindergarten class said he loves Christmas and told Santa to, ‘Sleigh safely!’

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