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Today if you were asked, what are some of your desirables? You might say – smell of rain, (which we have had, that was very good), or the feel of clean clothes, cool wind on a hot day, a piano playing, smoke rising from a chimney, the moon in the clouds, the feel of running, birds at a feeder. You could go on with your desires, for there is many more to see and have. Let us start the day with a smile and refuse to spend time worrying about what might happen – or the desires of our heart. Birthdays are Holly Minter, 23, my granddaughter, Mindi Stripling, 24, Elsie Anderson, 25, Ashley Mangham, 25, Alicia Gibson, 26, Dakota Houseman, Chase Duncan, Zack Osbolt all on the 27th, Nicki Cash, 28, and Troy Ward, 29. These are the last week of March birthdays. I hope all had a good day or will have a good day and many more. Congratulations to you having wedding anniversaries Billy and Delores Jones Mar. 23 and Kenneth and Cheryl Ward, March 24. We still have some sick people in the community. Angie Morris is not feeling too good with her sinuses. Matthew Evans has been having some rough days with his ailments. As the old saying goes, you all hurry up and get well. To all on our prayer list at church we wish for you the best. David Kendrick along with his son Danny Kendrick, wife Elaine and little granddaughter Myra Passemore of Griffin spent Sunday, March 15 in Thompson with David’s other son Walter Kendrick and family for his surprise birthday dinner. Our Pastor has been speaking about faith. Here is a good one ‘“ Man needs faith in something he can trust to mend his troubles. For some it is the love of a good woman, for others, ‘scotch tape.’ I enjoyed having Sue and Hank Harrell and son Wade from Griffin, Friday night, March 13, for supper at my place along with my daughter Vivian Lee and my friend David Kendrick. We had some good laughs. Wanda Lee spent several days with her daughter Mindi and husband Christopher Stripling at McDonough while her husband Zane Lee and brother Stephen Lee were on a business trip to Indiana. Andy Lee got to collect eggs for his mother while they were away. Virginia Brooks and family Dennis, Sherry and David Brooks, after church visited Virginia Moore at Union City – a long time friend through the years. A little grandson of mine was hugging me one day, he said,’ Granny King, what are those lines on your neck?’ Of course, you know at my age they are wrinkles! Ending with this story is a good illustration of old sayings. We had a country store in the community for several years, rented the building from Enoch Story, which is not here any more. The children were all young. I’d listen to the men as they sat around the pot bellied stove in the winter months and tell tales. This old man was saying the principal of things is what counts. He looked at the clock and said, ‘Oh my, the bank has closed, that’s a heck of a thing.’ Well said the other fellas, ‘ You’ve sat around the stove fooling with the checker board and let the bank close, so what are you fussing about? Can’t you cash your check in the morning?’ ‘I aint got no check, but if I did have one, I’d want to cash it when I wanted to.’ Well, it’s the principal of the thing I’m talking about.

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