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Liquor by the drink passes in Zebulon

With an extremely low turnout, voters in Zebulon approved the sale of liquor by the drink in the city limits with 42 votes in favor and 23 votes against. Only 65 Zebulon voters cast their ballots in the decision out of a total of 754 registered voters in the city, a turnout of only 8.6 percent. In Pike County, 2,794 voters cast ballots with a turnout of almost 24 percent. Many candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties will be on the ballot again for the July 24 primary runoff. Local voters rallied behind Pike resident Ken Pullin with nearly 65% of votes. There were 1,529 votes for Pullin and 832 votes for incumbent Johnnie Caldwell. Pullin will face off against Democratic candidate Chris Benton – who received 284 votes in Pike – on July 24. In the governor’s race, Pike voters backed Republican candidate Casey Cagle with nearly 37% of the vote – a total of 874 votes – and Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams with 72% of the vote – a total of 266 votes. Cagle and Brian Kemp will face off in July. Statewide, Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor David Shafer and Geoff Duncan will go to the runoff. In Pike, Shafer got 47% of votes with a total of 1,030 and Democratic candidate Sarah Amico got 62% with a total of 207 votes. In the Secretary of State race, Pike voters were pretty evenly split between the four Republican candidates with Brad Raffensperger getting 35% of votes and David Isle and Josh McKoon getting nearly 30% of the vote. But statewide, voters decided Raffensperger and Isle will face each other in the July 24 primary runoff. Locally, Democratic candidate John Barrow got 53% of votes and statewide he got 51%. In the state school superintendent’s race, Pike voters backed Republican incumbent Richard Woods with 56% of votes – a total 1,197 votes to Republican candidate John Barge who got 929 votes. Democratic candidate Sid Chapman got 42% of Pike votes at a total of 136. Statewide, Woods got 60% of the vote and democrat Otha Thornton Jr. got 44% of the vote. In the race for U.S. House 3, Pike voters backed Drew Ferguson with nearly 70% of the votes. Statewide he received 74% of votes. Pike voters cast 52% of ballots for Democratic candidate Chuck Enderlin and he got nearly 60% of the vote statewide. In the race for the State Senate 16 seat, Pike voters backed Republican Marty Harbin by 64% and he won the state vote with 62%. Pike voters

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