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Locals can fly free at Young Eagles rally Oct. 14

Young people throughout the area are invited to experience the wonders of flight at no charge on Oct. 14 as the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) hosts a Young Eagles flight rally in Williamson. EAA is the world’s premier sport aviation organization encompassing vintage, experimental, aerobatic, ultra-light, and warbird, aircraft. EAA’s Young Eagles Program was founded in 1992 and has provided more than 2 million free demonstration flights to young people around the world, making it the largest youth aviation education effort ever created. More than 50,000 pilots and 50,000 ground volunteers have made this program possible, introducing young people to the world of flight and sparking an interest for thousands of them to discover more about aviation.   Young Eagles flights are free of charge to all youth ages 8-17. The October 14 flight rally in Williamson Georgia will be held at the Peachstate Airport. It is scheduled to take place from 10am to 2pm.   For the youth to fly a parent must accompany the youth and sign a waiver/release prior to the actual flight.   A Young Eagles flight includes a preflight ‘walk-around’ explaining the parts of the airplane, a preflight briefing in the cockpit and 15 to 20 minute flight over the local area. Following the flight, all Young Eagles participants receive a certificate signed by the pilot as well as legendary air show performer Sean D. Tucker, the program’s national chairman.   More information is available at or contact Jim Renwick 770-827-5952

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