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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Pike County Journal Reporter! Enjoy the special Letters to Santa section and get into the spirit of the season. Find a local church and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Williamson United Methodist Church: Christmas Eve Candlelight Holy Communion Service, Saturday, Dec. 24 at 6:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Christmas Day Service of scripture and carols is Sunday at 11 a.m. Everyone is invited. First Baptist Church, Zebulon: Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion service, Saturday, Dec. 24 at 6 p.m., Christmas carols, gifts for the kids and a candlelight communion, Christmas Day service Sunday at 10 a.m. Everyone is invited. First Baptist Church is off the Zebulon courthouse square. Info: 678-920-8986. Letters to Santa reveal a lot about local kids and in addition to the classic requests – bikes, Barbies, Legos and live animals – are some newer items such as Zoomer Kitties, Hatchables, Shopkins and electronics of all types, from iPhones to tablets to big screen televisions. Lots of students wrote about celebrating Jesus’ birthday as the reason for Christmas and many also noted that being with family is what makes the holiday so special. Deacon’s letter to Santa from Ashley Reeves’ primary school class says, ‘All I really want for Christmas is for my family to be all together. I’ve been asking this every year and you’ve made it come true. Thank you. Please do it again.’ Seven-year-old Julianna Kersey wrote, ‘Christmas is my favorite time of the year because of friends and family.’ Ameila Garner wrote, ‘I love Christmas because it is Jesus’ birthday.’ Michael Harllay worte, ‘I really want some boxing stuff and more stuff for my pets, but most of all I just want me and my family to be happy. Christmas is about giving, not getting.’ Some requests were simple while others are much more difficult for Santa to fill. Kruze Ballard asked for a new pencil, along with a new bike and cabin. Seeley Esart wrote, ‘I would like everyone to be happy on Earth, a new fishing pole, and for all of the good boys and girls to get their presents.’ Among the students who made some rather difficult requests for Santa were Kayson Plouffe who asked for ‘a caribou and a goat and a phone,’ Cameron Willis who asked for ‘a pet bull,’ Tatum Bean who asked for ‘a bicycle and a million dollars,’ Cale Davis who asked for ‘a Lamborghini, a mansion and some gold’ and Paisley Hall who asked for ‘the thing with the pokey things on her back.’ Many kids were completely honest with Santa in their letters. Corbyn Wood admitted, ‘I have been good, but I could do better. I could stop lying to my sister.’ Ethan Tucker wrote, ‘I have been a good boy this year. I’ve been cleaning up my toys and stuff since my brother and my sister don’t help. They’re always lazy.’ Eva Stephens said, ‘This year I’v been good because I wanted to get presents and because I do not want my mommy to get mad. Some things I could do better are to do what I am supposed to the first time.’ Lots of kids thanked Santa for toys they got last Christmas, including Jack who wrote, ‘Thank you Santa for my scooter. I have ridden it a lot this year. Plus, I can do wheelies on it.’ Aiden King wrote, ’I’m so thankful for the Pokemon cards that you gave me last year. I got so much luck and got an EX named Zekrom. He’s the best Pokemon.’ Many of the requests reveal the compassion local kids have for the people in their lives. Third grader Jaylee from Patti Boylen’s class asked for ‘a coat for my sister, a car for my pawpaw and homes for the homeless.’ Lexus Bunn asked for her mom and sister to be happy.

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