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Good day to all. This week has been busy, busy, for me personally; how about you? Drop me a line at or call me at 770-884-3909, and leave a message if there is no answer. I really could use some birthdays, anniversaries, events and/or everyday tidbits. I love humorous events of the everyday. It was brought to my attention that I speak of my family often in the Molena News. I guess I do. I love my family, and my kids are young, and I am a stay at home mom; therefore, I have everyday happenings often and I do like to share some of these. By the way, my son had his arm casted this week. He fell off the swing set and he fractured his arm in two places. He chose a black cast, as he thinks that is cool. My daughter Jess and I decided Bubba needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap for his own protection, and we renamed him, from Bubba to Bubble. How is that for funny? It was cute at the time. Feel free to tell me your everyday happenings. I will surely write about it, if you choose. Molena Baptist had cleaning day on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Rev. Neil, his wife Pat, Evelyn Jones, Amber Roland, Michelle Guy, Evelyn Wise, Karen Greene and others volunteered their time to clean, paint and do inventory of supplies. Sunday school starts March 1. Please attend. The Molena Civic Club had its annual oyster supper on Feb. 28. I have never eaten an oyster but I hope all enjoyed. This is one of the Civic Club’s yearly events. If you want more information about their events, feel free to call Helen Beckham at Molena city hall. Happy birthday to Jim Whaley on March 4, he will be 70; and to Charlie Redenz on March 9, he will be 1. Charlie started walking at 10 months; he is the son of Chuck and Wanda Redenz. Just a thought: ‘Every path has its puddles.’ ‘“  Proverbs quote.

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