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Molena’s town dogs need homes

For years, Wolfie has called downtown Molena his home and he can be seen there on hot summer days and cold winter nights, lounging on the sidewalk or sleeping in the parking lot beside the old jail. He’s friendly and has lived in Molena for more than a decade according to some residents. But his years of wandering will come to an end soon as city officials are hoping a local resident will adopt him. ’So many people are attached to Wolfie and we want to reach out to the community to try to find him a home,’ said Molena city clerk Tausha Grose. While Wolfie will allow some to pet him, a female dog started living with him around eight months ago and she will not let anyone close enough to touch her. Those who frequent downtown Molena call her Lola and city officials hope she will also be adopted by a caring citizen. ’It makes it hard for the city to take a stand against other dogs that are roaming and causing a nuisance when we have two stray dogs who live in the city,’ said the city clerk. ‘Over the years, Wolfie has gotten dogs pregnant in the area and Lola is also not fixed so she will eventually have puppies with no one to feed them. They haven’t had any of their immunizations and they cause some visitors concern.’ ’We’re hopeful that one of the people who cares so much for them will be willing to give them a home and then we will be able to crack down on some of the other problem animals in the area.’ Wolfie and Lola are fed regularly by downtown residents but previous attempts to capture and foster them have been unsuccessful. Visitors to the cafe and downtown area are unsure of their safety around the dogs. ’I personally witnessed a mother’s and her toddler’s apprehension when encountering the dogs on the sidewalk. The city must lead by example,’ said mayor George Ingram. To find out more about adopting Wolfie and Lola, call 770-884-9711.

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