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Moving toward a New Year to be happier

By Kay S. Pedrotti

Now we’re getting closer to that magic turn of the calendar, from 2022 to 2023. Another year to work, play, eat, sleep and have fun. Just like some folks set it out in names and numbers so many years ago, right?

Well, there are times when I want the calendar just to stop turning. Not the one on the wall, but the one that seems to hold the admonition that if you aren’t changing something, you are getting nowhere. It’s appalling to think what things are “missing” now that in former years were tops on the list of people-pleasers.

How about good rock-and-roll music with no screaming and profane lyrics? Times when there were more good family-owned restaurants and fewer “fast food” places? Days when cars were primarily transportation, not status symbols? Educational opportunities and curricula not dictated by people outside each school system? Why the necessity for a new form of technological gadget every few weeks?

I know, I know – it’s the “older folks” like me who miss life-as-it-used-to-be, and cannot keep up with which buttons to push and what super-programs are needed to accomplish the unnecessary. Makers cannot possibly program a cell phone to the exact specifications of its user, so they dump everything on the phone except what a user really needs.

The howling for “New! More! Better!” is freaking out my ears. Who’s to determine what is “better” and for whom? Oh gee, it must be “the advertisers.” The ones who bombard our senses through every broadcast media there is, not to mention billboards, flashing signs, and yes, even newspaper ads. If it sounds as if I am whining, I am. It wouldn’t happen, since I am basically a happy person, if there weren’t so much to whine about!

Nevertheless, I look forward to “better” things in 2023, sometimes because certain of the “things” probably can’t get worse. I do believe in a Higher Power who created us, and it hurts my heart that so many are not tuned in with that Power. I would like a resurgence of brotherly love, caring for family, helping those not so fortunate. There are notable examples of those qualities going on in Lamar County, and more power to all of them. We need people who can go beyond political division and selfish motives and act accordingly.

Turning over the calendar every year used to mean “turning over a new leaf,” trying to be a more caring and productive person. I hope I don’t forget that God made us all, and everyone is equally God’s beloved child. Let’s find that new leaf, shall we?

Kay S. Pedrotti has spent some 50 years writing for newspapers. She is a past president of Lamar Arts Inc. and now serves on the board of directors. She lives in Milner with her husband Bob Pedrotti.

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