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Packed house greets Donald Trump Jr. at Rock Springs

As word was breaking that the FBI was reopening its invesitigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a packed house Friday at the 1100-seat sanctuary at Rock Springs Church in Milner. The event opened with a rousing invocation by Pastor Mark Burns that brought the flag-waving throng to its feet. Trump Jr. noted he had been brought up to work and can drive a D9 Caterpillar. “My Dad doesn’t need this job. He is taking the stones thrown at him and the arrows launched at him because he loves this country and wants to take it back from the politicians,” he said. Dr. Benny Tate agreed. “Poly means many and a tick is a blood-sucking insect. We need to take our country back,” he added. After his remarks, Trump Jr. waded into the crowd, greeting well wishers and taking selfies. He then posed with the Rock Springs Academy Chorus for photos and exchanged high fives with the young performers who sang the National Anthem.

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