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Paving projects: County plans road resurfacing

Commissioners approved changes to the ordinance regarding construction contracts and approved contracting with McLeRoy Construction for the paving of three roads at their Wednesday, April 10 meeting.

County attorney Rob Morton noted that the board previously approved the first reading of the changes which will update the portion of the ordinance regarding construction and road contracts.

“This would give the county the ability to use local vendors for road work. The limit for contracts under state law is $100,000 so we have mirrored that. The intent is to get some of the county’s road projects expedited.”

Commissioners approved the second reading and final adoption of the changes to Ordinance 35.09 regarding construction and road construction contracts. The county will not have to advertise for RFPs and county manager Brandon Rogers said this would allow the county to get better deals from local companies when business is slow for them and they don’t have a lot of projects.

“At our last meeting, we discussed road projects and the possibility of getting additional contractors to help by paying them a per ton mile paving rate. This allows us to continue to keep the cost very low,” he said.

Rogers then presented board members with three roads that he recommended be paved through a contract with McLeRoy Construction. He said the cost to resurface the roads only would be $66,399 for Concord Road, $15,185 for Pilkenton Road and $15,115 for Oliver Road. He said five vendors were approached for prices.

“We will supply all the materials and they will just supply the labor, equipment and traffic control to repave the roads. This does not take the place of our public works guys, this will just mean there are two crews working at the same time to get our road projects done. We have 27 road projects that we are ready to start working on. We have the funds available in SPLOST to allow us to move forward,” said Rogers.

He also said the project would put the county around eight weeks ahead of schedule.

Commissioner James Jenkins asked what the cost for the county to do the work is compared to the price they will be paying contractors. Rogers noted that the cost would be $10 per ton with McLeRoy and said there are many factors that make it difficult to determine the exact cost for the county but it is likely $7 to $8 per ton for the county. The $96,699 in road contracts was approved by a 4-1 vote of commissioners with commissioner Jenkins in opposition.

Commissioners also heard from Rogers that he met with public works director Todd Goolsby to determine a priority list of six bridges in the county as requested by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Rogers noted that although there are many more roads with bridges in the county, those were the six requested to be prioritized by the state. He said since the state does annual inspections of the bridges, those are likely the bridges that the DOT decided needed improvements the most. The bridge priority list includes, Line Road, Milner Road, Howell Road, Shackelford Road, Pedenville Road and Zebulon-Hollonville Road.

The county also:

  • Heard from commissioner Jenkins who asked how much the county was paid by the company who filmed a commercial for Puma and Porsche on Pedenville Road. Rogers said the film company was asked to pay for two loads of gravel for use on the road during filming – at a cost of around $1,200. Commissioner Jenkins said the companies who are using Pike County for filming are making money and the county needs to get a check for local filming projects.
  • Heard from commissioner Jenkins who said he received three calls over the past couple weeks about the public works director and how quickly he reacts when called for road work.
  • Heard from Teresa Watson who compared the impact fees in surrounding areas to Pike’s and noted that the Georgia state average for impact fees is $2,439 while Pike’s is $6,676. She suggested the county assess impact fees on a graduating scale based on what type of development is being constructed instead of charging single family dwellings on large parcels of land the same as subdivision developers.
  • Heard from Ray Grizzard who asked if properties which were purchased long ago should have to meet the current overlay standards. He said he feels like his property has been taken from him and that he can’t use it or sell it under the current restrictions.

    • Heard from county manager Rogers who said the Parks and Recreation board is accepting applications. He also noted that he is working to get funding to expand internet access in the southern parts of the county.

    • Approved use of the courthouse grounds for Christ Chapel Community Church from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 2 for the National Day of Prayer.
  • Approved use of the courthouse grounds for Concerned Citizens of Pike County and the NAACP Pike Chapter on Saturday, June 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the Juneteenth Celebration.
  • Approved use of the courthouse grounds for the Pike County Arts Council from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, July 20 for the Concert on the Square.
  • Approved a Crown Vic to be surplussed.

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