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PCHS students get to work

Two dozen high school students visited area businesses as part of a job shadowing program last week. The junior and senior students spent a day working in their chosen fields to see what to expect in their future careers. ’This is a way for students to get a feel for what their jobs might be and see if the field they think they’re interested in is really where they want to have a career,’ said Karin Adler of PCHS. ‘Last fall we had a student, Hallie Swift, who job shadowed with Jody Marchman, a wedding planner, and was able to help with a wedding at Oak-hill Farms.’ Senior Kelci Ramsey worked at City Pharmacy during job shadowing day. She watched the pharmacist and was supervised by her and other pharmacy technicians as she counted out pills to fill prescriptions and learned how to use the pharmacy’s computer system. She plans to attend Southern Crescent Technical College after graduating. ’I want to go to school to be a pharmacy tech because my mom did it and she influenced me to do it also,’ she said. ‘I found out it can be difficult to count out the pills like you’re supposed to.’ Three students job shadowed at the primary school, working with students and teachers in classroom settings. Senior Brittany Pierce job shadowed in Nan Sands’ first grade classroom, helping students read during group reading time and complete writing worksheets. She said she will likely attend Gordon State College after graduation. ’I like working with younger students and this is the age I’m interested in teaching,’ she said. ‘I got to help students read words when they struggle with them during group reading.’ Junior Keri Ann Floyd spent the day in Gillian Appleton’s first grade class, helping with errands, laminating and working with the students. Right now she is thinking about attending Gordon after graduation. ’I decided I wanted to be a teacher but I didn’t know what grade I wanted to teach so I thought I’d job shadow at the primary school this year and try the elementary school next year,’ she said. ‘It’s interesting to see the different levels of understanding in students and learning how to deal with all of that at the same time.’ Junior Journi Smith worked with first grade teacher Amy Jones, helping with group work, writing practice and math problems. She said she will likely job shadow at the elementary school next year to see which is a better fit for her. ’I really want to teach younger students,’ she said. ‘Some students are pretty advanced and that was interesting to see. One of the challenges is getting them to pay attention.’ Junior Carlie Sandefur shadowed Deborah Hopper, a physical therapist for the school system. She learned how to operate and maintain physical therapy equipment used to help special needs students. Because of her job shadowing experience, she feels confident physical therapy will be an occupation she will pursue. Senior Kelsey Swanson worked at Moody-Daniel Funeral Home, helping handle arrangements for cremations and attending a funeral service. She plans to get an associates degree from Gordon then attend a mortuary science school. ’My uncle was in the industry and I thought it was be a good field where I can help people,’ said Swanson. ‘I’m not bothered by any of it and I can be there for people when they need it.’ Senior Avery Bray spent the day at a local United Bank branch and the headquarters in Zebulon. Bank employees showed him how to operate bank computers using simulated accounts and taught him about bank management.  ’It’s good for him to really see what we do so he’ll know if he’s really interested in banking as a career,’ said employee Stephanie Fowler.  Other students spent the day job shadowing in areas of interest to them, including seniors Virginia Johnson and Tessa Coffey at Southside Animal Hospital in Griffin, juniors Haleigh Harper and Mikayla Newton at Memorial Drive Veterinary Clinic in Griffin, senior Amy Mangham at Morris Center Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Griffin, senior Madeleine Souza at Lindsey Orthodontics in Griffin, senior Jalon Evans at Manley Spangler Smith Architects in Griffin, junior Tybee Stanley at WKEU Radio The Rock 88.9 FM in Griffin and junior Alyssa Hanson  at Piedmont Fayette Inpatient Speech Therapy in Fayetteville. Seniors Katie Casey and Kelsey Coates spent the morning job shadowing at Allred Family Dentistry in Griffin. Senior Logan Jones and junior Grant Jones shadowed Mark Jones with Tenant Mechanical. They got hands on experience with plumbing and HVAC work. Both plan to pursue a career in this field after college. Junior Sarah Andrews will be job shadowing before the month is out at Hughston Clinic in Thomaston with Ben Durham to gain insight in the orthopedic field. Senior Katie Rawlins, along with juniors Bailey Allen, Kaylee Andrews, Josh Chumley, Baylynn Merritt, Katelyn Pollette, Victoria Simpson, Haylee Smith, Coleman Stephens and Breanna Woods, plan on job shadowing at Spalding Regional Medical Center Feb. 27. They will get firsthand experience with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). To job shadow, they must complete several forms, show proof of flu vaccine, have a brief online training course and complete a 10-question HIPPA test.

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