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[Photo by Chad Moore /] Pike County High School theater students are Region Runners Up after the one-act play competition. Pictured are (front row l-r) director Lori Bush, Maelee Hendrix, Addie Williams, Brooklyn Strader, Kaite Hedden, Melissa Ray, Jordan Eidson (back row l-r) Millie Smith, Zoey Baird, Elizabeth Anderson, Aubree McLendon, Michelle Huddleston, James Marshall, Emma Harrison, Emmaline Harding, Loretta Navarro, Styrlin Rowland, Ayala Weiner, John Gilby, Makayla Eidson, Cole Banks, Ryan Waddell, Micah Lester and Morgan Pitts. Not pictured are Caleb Smith, Mark Riglin, Austin Fallin, Sharon Rigdon, Matthew McCalla and Mars Holcomb.

PCHS theater sweeps acting awards at region

The Pike County High School one-act play students swept all but one of the regional acting awards and earned second place in the region. 

“We may have taken a hit with 25 seniors graduating last year, but this up and coming group has risen to the challenge and is already taking care of business,” said director of theater activities Lori Bush. “They are extremely talented, brilliant, hard working and sweet. What a joy to get to create magic with them every day. So thankful!”

In addition to being region runner ups, Pike County High School students earned Best Ensemble – an award for best overall at working together and having consistently strong acting across all characters. Ninth grader Styrlin Rowland earned Best Supporting Actor in the Region. Kaite Hedden earned Best Supporting Actress in the Region for the second year in a row. Aubree McLendon earned Best Actress in the Region. Morgan Pitts earned All Star Cast for the second year in a row. Ryan Waddell – who took over his role only two weeks ago after another cast member had to drop out – also earned the All Star Cast honor. 

“We also beat a personal record with our run time being only 53:16. At competition, points are deducted if you go over 55 minutes. Until the day of the competition, the shortest run we ever did was 55:23,” she said. “These kids took care of business and I’m so proud!”

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