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Pike County Middle School eighth graders who earned the REACH scholarship include (front row l-r) Lauren Berry, Kaylin Bone, Telasia Willis (back row l-r) Macey Carlisle and Dazaria Ross.

PCMS presents REACH scholarships

Five Pike County Middle School students recently signed REACH (Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen) scholarships during a special ceremony April 15. The REACH scholars include Class of 2026 students Lauren Berry, Kaylin Bone, Macey Carlisle, Dazaria Ross and Telasia Willis. The eighth grade students signed a contract saying they will maintain good grades, behavior and attendance throughout middle and high school. 

“These five students are amazing, great kids who truly deserve these scholarships,” said PCMS principal Mike Maddox. 

The REACH program is designed to ensure that academically promising students have the academic, social and financial support they need to graduate from high school and complete college. The students are often from families where they will be the first to go to college. Part of the funding for local REACH scholars comes from donors and this year’s entire $10,000 was paid by one generous donor. 

“I would love for our community to be willing to support the REACH scholarship locally so we continue to bless families like we did for these five students,” said principal Maddox. “We have to match around $2,000 per student and there isn’t a limit to the amount of scholarships we can present each year. I would like to see this scholarship continue for years and years but it will take the support from the community.”  

Around 80 students qualified for the scholarship and were narrowed down based on GPA, attendance and interviews and were selected without their names listed. 

Go to to find out more about the scholarship and how to donate for local students. 

All five students were very appreciative that they were selected for the scholarship and their families were proud of their accomplishment. 

“I would like to be involved in cheerleading and eventually become a doctor,” said Dazaria Ross. “I’m excited about getting this scholarship and I’m going to work hard in high school and in college.” 

“I want to be helpful to others with my career and I want to help people with their mental health,” said Macey Carlisle. “I’m glad to have this opportunity through the REACH scholarship.” 

“I want to help people like a mentor or a counselor,” said Telasia Willis. “It was exciting when I found out about this great scholarship offer and it means a lot to me.”

“I really want to be an actress so I want to take acting and voice lessons in college but I’d also like to learn a lot of different things in college,” said Lauren Berry. “The colleges I want to go to are very expensive so this scholarship will help a lot.” 

“I want to pursue a career in business after college,” said Kaylin Bone. “I’m very excited to see what this scholarship can do as far as my education and where it can take me.”

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