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Rabies confirmed after dogs attacked raccoon

A case of rabies was confirmed in the Second District area of Pike County after two dogs killed a raccoon Saturday, Dec. 16 in the area of 379 Kendrick Road. The raccoon was taken to Pike’s animal control officer Tanya Perkins on Monday, Dec. 18 and it was sent off to the tested for rabies. Results of the testing confirmed the raccoon was infected with rabies and was announced Friday, Dec. 22 by Ben Trotter of the Health Department. Kendrick Road is in the area of Gresham Road, Caldwell Road and New Hope Road and residents are encouraged to be vigilant of any animals acting unusually such as nocturnal creatures walking around during the day or seeming to be unafraid of humans and other natural predators. The Dec. 16 incident led to only the second confirmed case of rabies for 2017. The other confirmed case was determined after two dogs killed a bat on Kings Road and the bat tested positive for rabies. The dogs were up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Animal control officer Perkins encourages all pet owners to be sure their animals have annual rabies vaccinations to prevent the spread of the disease. There were seven separate cases of rabies in 2015, including a rabid fox that attacked and bit a man in Zebulon. Rabies is often found in skunks, raccoons, coyotes, foxes and bats and wild animals with the disease sometimes infect dogs, cats and livestock. In order to test an animal for rabies, the head must be preserved so it can be sent off for testing.

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