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[Photo by Thomas Rogers] This sibling group of Great Horned Owls were some of the many birds of prey who were rehabilitated and returned to the wild by Bubba and Friends Inc.

Raptor rehabilitation closes flight pens

Bubba and Friends, Inc. announced that the raptor rehabilitation center located just outside Zebulon closed for good Jan. 31, 2023 after more than 25 years of rehabilitating birds of prey from across the southeast and releasing them into the wild when possible.

“To date we have rehabilitated and put 750 of your eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, vultures and Mississippi Kites back into the wild,” said Bubba and Friends Inc. founder Steve Hicks. “We have done many, many educational programs to support the rehab effort and made many friends in the process. I am honored to have worked with a most excellent assortment of volunteers from many backgrounds.”
The group of volunteers, led by Zebulon resident Steve Hicks, spent more than 25 years rehabilitating injured birds of prey.

“It’s been quite a run since we incorporated 1995, which was handled thankfully by Gene Dabbs,” said Hicks. “Did you know that not one person working on this project ever drew a paycheck from it? Our goal was to preserve our heritage and our resources.”

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