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Read local Letters to Santa

Local students wrote letters to Santa this year with sweet requests for others, nearly impossible gift requests and down right funny comments. Many of them asked questions of Santa and were especially curious about his reindeer and elves. See all the local letters in the annual Letters to Santa section on pages 1-8B of this week’s Pike County Journal Reporter. Some students thanked Santa for his gifts from years past and Skyler Coffer wrote, ‘Dear Santa, thank you for my family’s happiness. This year I would like LOLs and a LOL house. How old are you?’ Emily Kate asked for a special gift for Jesus. She wrote, ‘Dear Santa, I want Sven the Reindeer for Christmas. Thank you! I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thank you for giving me toys every Christmas. Don’t forget to give Jesus a present for His birthday.’ A couple students seemed concerned about Santa’s health, including Ronnie Flemister who asked, ‘Santa, how fat and jolly are you?’ and Mason Chaney who told Santa that he has been a good boy but, ‘Mimi says, ‘˜No cookies!’ He asked for a dinosaur that says ‘Raaarr’ and a turtle. Many students listed ways they have been good this year, including Alleigh Smith who said she had been good and helped out by cleaning the living room, being quiet and listening. She asked for an LOL house and three LOLs (or 100!!). Asher Brown said he was a good boy because, ‘sometimes I cook stuff and throw away the trash for my family.’ Lily River Williams said she was a good girl this year, writing ‘I’ve been cleaning up and mopping the floor with Mom and I’ve been doing it by myself. Zuri Coffer said she helped her daddy fix the truck when it was about to break. Questions for Santa were in many of the letters. Knox Saporita asked, ‘How tall is your tallest elf? Kaison Boes had many questions, writing, ‘This year can I have a girl elf? Can I please have a Gucci chain? Who is working the best, you or the elves? How is Rudolph? Are they letting him play in the reindeer games? Have you been working this whole year? Is it cold in the North Pole? Please can you give my teacher a candle and something higher? Santa please, am I on the good list?’ While many students were clear about what their top Christmas wishes, Ziva also made it clear what was not wanted, writing ‘I love you and you are the best. Let’s get to what I want. I want a tool box and a bow and arrow. I also want a dirt bike and please don’t bring me clothes, please I beg you. I want a stuffed kitten and a litter box for my cat Tux.’ Some had requests that will be difficult to fill, including Blake who asked for ‘a robot that does everything for you’ and ‘a watch and not the one you got me last year.’ Ryder Lane wrote, ‘Thank you for my dirt bikes last year. I want a remote control car that is lifted and can go 100 miles per hour. I want a Fit Bit and a camera from Sam’s. I want a gym set bigger than my Papa.’ Ashten asked for ‘an iPhone 11, a tablet with keyboard, a glass tea set, 12 buckets of slime and a Nerf gun’ after writing, ‘I like the pompom on your head.’ Maggie Groeller asked for a big pony that is real, a giant banana, a big box of crayons and a big drink that is so tall. Samuel Hauke asked for ‘an excavator, bulldozer and a backhoe – real ones I can drive.’ Remington Boyt asked for a dragon for Christmas. Ivie Knight asked for two reindeers (real ones!). Coen Coley also asked for a reindeer, writing ‘Dear Santa, I would like a reindeer for Christmas. I have been a good boy. Santa, thank you for presents, and Santa, I love Jesus!’ Joshua Moon wrote, ‘How are you doing? Gift #1 I want is $10,000,000,000,000,000 dollars. The reason is, I want to build a fort. I want a 3D printer. The reason is I have not gotten in trouble a lot. A Christmas memory I have is a yummy breakfast.’ Some students had requests for others, including Remy who wrote, ‘Hey Santa! I love Christmas! I really want a remote control car. Its my favorite toy and my brother wants Toy Story 4 toys. He wants everything and my mom wants happiness.’ Lots of students wished Santa safe travels on his busiest day of the year, including Olivia who wrote, ‘I hope you have a good time and is Mrs. Claus okay? Say hi for me. My mom works hard and I think she deserves a present. She takes care of me. Santa, I hope your reindeer have a safe trip and you too.’ Annie Brock wrote, ‘I’m a student at PCES. I’ve been very good this year. I would love Vans for Christmas. I’d like them because they’re cool, and for you to have safe travels because lots of other children need their gifts. Thanks for making Christmas special.’ Bristol Keiser kept his letter short with, ‘He already knows what I want.”

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