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Remembering Officer Kevin Jordan

By Scott Ballard ’For $20 an hour, you wouldn’t take a bullet for us, would you?’ That’s the question a Waffle House patron asked Griffin police officer Kevin Jordan a few weeks ago. Officer Jordan had seven kids. Like many law enforcement officers, he worked a security job for extra pay. His reply was quick and certain. ’If I had to, I would.’ At 2:20 last Saturday morning the call went out: ‘Officer down!’ Officer Jordan was shot five times in the back at close range. He was trying to protect the people at Waffle House. All the Griffin Judicial Circuit grieves the loss of this exemplary officer. It was to have been a week of celebration. One of his children was graduating. His mother was in town ‘“ he borrowed money to fly her here. His brother was in from Chicago. Monday they joined hundreds of admirers at his funeral. Among them were senior citizens for whom Officer Jordan drove the bus. There were peace officers from everywhere. Nobody takes it lightly when a police officer is killed. At the appropriate time we’ll address this matter in court. Now this family needs us, our prayers, our love. They need money. A fund has been established for them. There are many ways to contribute. Please consider helping. For your convenience, you can bring your donation made out to ‘District Attorney’ and note on the check that it is for Officer Jordan. We’ll send every dime to the family’s fund. Before dawn Saturday, I was walking around the Waffle House parking lot. Griffin police and GBI officers were processing the scene. Behind the yellow tape I saw a pickup truck with several bumper stickers on the gate. One said, ‘Guns don’t kill people. Cell phones do.’ In the center of the bumper sticker was one of the bullet holes from the shots fired just a couple of hours earlier. In America, I think we often miss the point about crime. That bumper sticker misses the point, too. Guns don’t kill. Neither do cell phones. Killers kill. This time the cost is almost too painful to stand. Please whisper a prayer for the family of Officer Jordan and his fellow officers at the Griffin police department.

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